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The Top Pitfalls To Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development

Table of Contents

Software development services around the world are thriving at a staggering rate and have become an essential aspect of running a business. Whether creating software from scratch or updating the software, clients can meet the fast-paced environment of software development by hiring companies. Oftentimes, when clients don’t necessarily know all the particulars and complexity associated with the software, software development companies take the guesswork and stress out of the equation by offering clients a comprehensive strategy and deep understanding of the complexity and technology that should be implemented when building your product. However, these advantages of software outsourcing aren’t experienced by default. It takes planning to rule out the risks of outsourcing.

No matter the type of outsourcing that best fits your business and development project, there are several pitfalls that people unknowingly fall into time and time again.

The team at EZtek compiled the most common blunders that occur while outsourcing software development. Find what you may need to consider first in the following section. Most common mistakes to avoid when Outsourcing for Software Development.

  • Communication barriers
  • Setting your budget
  • Lack of comprehensive research
  • Reducing the risk factor
  • Failure to understand the scope of the project
  • Falling short of quality control

Here are a few things to keep in mind when outsourcing for software development. So let’s begin.

1. Communication barriers

Communication can be the biggest benefit of outsourcing software development and can also turn out to be one of the major pitfalls. Effective communication between you and the developers is vital in the software development process. At every step of the way, working with a remote team is possible only by maintaining regular communication and making sure your thoughts and ideas are clearly understood. 

2. Setting your budget


The budget should be the major concern before hiring any of the Top Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam. Start by having a clear and flexible budget for your project which can be modified based on the intricacies of the software being developed and the quality that comes with it. When it comes to software development you must get a great product, not the cheapest product you could buy. let the past experiences, quality, and expertise decide whether or not they are right for the job.

3. Lack of comprehensive research

Hiring a software development company without extensive research can be another major pitfall that one can make. Most startups base their outsourcing decision solely based on cost-efficiency but there are other decision-making processes. Other things that must be taken into consideration include – Check portfolio and their past experiences, feedback, reviews from the rating, and profiling platforms.  Furthermore, try to have some insight into the leading companies that offer the service you need. It is also important to look out for additional factors such as location, budget, language, and cultural barriers. 

4. Reducing the risk factor

With the software development process, there come a lot of risks like the risk of choosing a wrong partner, security risks, unsustainable user growth, and so on. but after signing a contract and initiating the development process, all the responsibilities are transferred to developers. Due to this, you can lose control over the project.  which can be a major risk factor.

5. Failure to understand the scope of the project

If you don’t know where you are going with the problem and the outsourced work?  you will never get there. Your small problem could lead to unexpected consequences. Having a detailed project specification that outlines how your software should function helps avoid any misunderstandings in the software development process, which can lead to delays. For a successful outsourcing strategy, clarity on both long-term and short-term requirements, deliverables, expected timeline, and overall scope of the project is necessary.

6. Falling short of quality control

With the growing need and evolution of software development, expectations for higher quality products and services at a lower cost is also increasing. Controlling the quality is like a two-way street, which means both client and vendor should be responsible for maintaining quality for the entire software development process. To make things run as smoothly as possible, you need to choose IT solutions consulting partners discreetly. They should have extensive expertise in working and maintaining software development quality assurance. 

Summing up

Fortunately, the outsourcing risks highlighted above can be easily ruled out when the selection of a software outsourcing company is thoroughly planned. It can be tedious at times, but the outcome should come close to meeting your expectations, With the right plan, you’ll be equipped to address even adverse software development risks so that your customer-vendor relationships can bring positive results.

We at EZtek offer flexible outsourcing software development services and other value-added services that ensure the smooth integration of your remote development team and help you grow your business.

Hopefully, our outsourcing guidelines will be beneficial! Keep following our blog updates to explore more insightful posts.


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