The Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things, or IoT, is a technology that allows objects to connect to the Internet and communicate with each other. Essentially, IoT creates a network where physical objects are linked together through the Internet. These objects can vary widely, from clocks and heart monitors to door sensors and cars. They are assigned an IP address and can communicate with each other independently, without human intervention.
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Everyday Uses of IoT

If you’re still unsure about IoT, consider these everyday examples. Have you used a smart rice cooker that ensures perfectly cooked rice by monitoring the cooking process? Or heard about self-driving cars equipped with sensors to navigate roads? Perhaps your home security system alerts authorities during break-ins. These common instances of IoT enhance our lives effortlessly.

What Impact is IoT Having on Businesses?

IoT is enhancing people’s lives and attracting increasing interest from companies. Its ability to enable objects to make decisions autonomously leads to cost reductions and efficiency improvements for businesses. By providing real-time insights and analytics, IoT facilitates better decision-making, ultimately driving profitability. In an ever-evolving tech landscape with a growing online presence, IoT emerges as a valuable asset for businesses, offering growth opportunities and streamlining information flow.

Developing Your Staff's Skills

At EZtek, we grasp your requirements and aim to address all your business challenges to maximize your potential. Our team is equipped to leverage cutting-edge technologies, enhancing business efficiency and fostering growth opportunities.

IoT Gateway with WiFi, Zigbee, and LoRa Support

Since IoT depends on the Internet, it’s crucial to understand the advantages and drawbacks of each communication method for optimal results.

Widely used in IoT due to its popularity, but it lacks security compared to other methods. It also consumes more energy and transmits larger data volumes. However, WiFi remains a top choice for affordable connectivity with satisfactory performance, capable of deploying numerous devices across a broad area.


Secure and affordable but limited range - Zigbee operates on low power and data rates, supporting mesh network topology. Ideal for home and office setups requiring basic functionality, it's not suitable for long-distance communication. Devices like environmental sensors, switches, and power meters commonly utilize Zigbee communication.


Designed for wide-area networks, LoRa is ideal for deploying numerous sensors or controlling devices across large areas, such as citywide environmental sensors or agricultural farm management systems. It can support millions of devices simultaneously while optimizing battery life. However, its main drawback is the absence of hardware security, relying instead on software-based encryption. Nevertheless, its multilevel encryption can ensure secure communication with regular software updates. LoRa is poised to become the next IoT standard, facilitating widespread adoption of IoT technology.

Long Range (LoRa) wireless communications

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) aim to connect numerous low-powered devices across vast areas, with LoRaWAN emerging as the leading solution. Developed by the LoRa Alliance, LoRaWAN ensures integrity and security.
LoRa wireless communication is increasingly favored for IoT systems due to its ability to efficiently manage numerous devices across large areas. This enhances the potential of IoT in industrial applications, leading to a significant increase in demand for IoT solutions.
At EZtek, we recognize the importance of efficiency. We can assist you in leveraging LoRa to expand your business or address device control and monitoring challenges. Let’s delve into how LoRa can facilitate your business growth and address any concerns regarding IoT implementation.

Raspberry Pi and Android Things Operating System for Embedded IoT

Google’s latest IoT operating system, Android Things, offers potential for IoT technology advancement. Developers can utilize Google’s machine learning, Android ecosystem, and Google Assistant for device communication. With Raspberry Pi 3 Model support, you can control over 100 devices using your smartphone or tablet.

Start developing applications for your devices now to create a smart network. This enhances cost-efficiency, scales your business, monitors processes, and manages resources, all through your smartphone.

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