IT Staff Augmentation Services

What Is It Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation is a service that lets you expand your in-house team as needed. This allows organizations to fill challenging or temporary roles, improving project scalability and efficiency.
Companies globally are embracing IT Staff Augmentation to expedite and cost-effectively achieve their business goals. Collaborate with a seasoned IT Staff Augmentation provider to access top industry talent.

Planning For IT Staff Augmentation

Selecting the appropriate outsourcing model

When engaging with potential companies, explore the range of outsourcing models they offer. The best model for your organization will depend on factors like size, culture, and project requirements. These models can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Finding the right development partner

Begin by researching the firm’s industry reputation, past projects, and experience. This sets the stage for a successful partnership. Additionally, inquire about their hiring standards and project methodology.

Effective communication

Improving engagement between your team and the hired firm is greatly facilitated by effective communication. Being honest, open, and clear about your expectations is essential.

Defining expectations and goals

Clearly outlining your expectations and project goals is crucial for keeping your project on track and ensuring your IT staff augmentation provider meets your requirements. These discussions should take place early in the partnership.

When is IT Staff Augmentation A Good Choice?

The Benefits of Staff Augmentation

The staff augmentation model offers several advantages compared to traditional full-time onsite hiring:

Access to top tech talent

The pool of IT professionals is limited, so expanding your search beyond your local area can help you find the most skilled engineers. Our staffing services provide access to thousands of highly skilled professionals willing to work on a contract basis, ensuring you have access to talented individuals ready to contribute to your project.

Rapid team scaling

Building a development team, especially for specialized skills or challenging roles, can be a daunting task. With IT staff augmentation, you can tap into a pool of tech professionals who are prepared to work on your project. The flexibility of staff augmentation allows you to quickly scale your team up or down to adapt to market changes and meet project deadlines.

Time and cost savings

Staff augmentation can help you save both time and money. Partnering with an experienced provider grants you access to top talent without the lengthy and costly hiring process.

Access to expertise and guidance

Staff augmentation offers the advantage of accessing a team of professionals with diverse expertise. These experts can assist you with various aspects, from development to marketing, providing valuable guidance and advice.

Understanding the Distinction Between IT Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Teams

There are significant differences between IT staff augmentation and dedicated teams, yet many organizations leverage both of these services in tandem. Let’s explore the distinctions between them.

Dedicated Delivery Teams

Conversely, dedicated delivery teams are teams of engineers hired by a company to work exclusively on their projects. These teams are typically engaged for long-term initiatives and serve as an excellent option for organizations seeking to outsource their development work. A dedicated team typically comprises a project manager/scrum master, product owner, front-end developers, back-end developers, QA engineers, and a designer. This cohesive team takes full responsibility for project deliveries.

IT staff augmentation

With IT staff augmentation, you can tap into a readily available pool of talent on an as-needed basis. This grants you access to a multitude of skilled professionals without the need for the time-consuming and costly process of hiring full-time employees. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about providing workspace for these professionals; the provider will handle that for you, allowing you to quickly integrate them into your team.

Common Misunderstandings About IT Staff Augmentation

There are some misconceptions surrounding IT staff augmentation that we should address.

The primary goal is cost reduction

While it’s true that staff augmentation can reduce hiring costs, its benefits extend beyond that. IT staff augmentation also offers rapid team scalability, access to top talent, and valuable expert guidance.

It doesn't align with my company's culture

It’s crucial to ensure cultural alignment between your company and the provider, but if it exists, there’s no reason why IT staff augmentation can’t work for your business. Staffing providers have experience working with diverse corporate cultures.

Augmented engineers are less skilled

Some assume that engineers available through staff augmentation services are less skilled than their in-house counterparts. In reality, these professionals possess comparable experience and expertise, ensuring successful task completion.

Augmenting Your Software Development Team with Extra Talent

Our extended team seamlessly integrates with your local staff. They actively participate in your daily meetings and report directly to your managers. This strategy helps minimize turnover costs while expediting the launch of new projects.

Staff augmentation services are an excellent solution for swiftly acquiring the necessary talent for your projects. We offer speed, professional expertise, and adaptability to ensure your project scales rapidly and meets its development deadlines. Furthermore, our IT staffing services provide the continuity required to maintain project momentum without disruptions.

The IT Staff Augmentation Process

When seeking a staff augmentation provider, it’s essential to choose one with a well-established process.

Define your needs

Share your product details and objectives with us, and we'll promptly connect you with top-tier talent. Our extensive pool of skilled professionals allows us to tailor the perfect match for your project based on the required skills.

Retrospective meeting

Engineer interviews

We'll present you with resumes of engineers we believe are an excellent fit for your project and company culture. Then, we'll coordinate and schedule interviews. You can conduct as many interviews as needed, and we'll provide feedback after each one.

Planning/Backlog refinement

Project kickoff

Once you've made your choice, we'll introduce the engineers to your team. EZtek Software works closely with you to ensure a seamless transition. We'll assist in setting up your new engineers by providing necessary documentation, arranging software downloads/licenses, ensuring access to essential tools for your team members, and collaborating with you to establish goals and expectations.

Test strategy

Delivering results

Your new team members will quickly integrate and start delivering results. You'll maintain regular communication with your team and access our project management tools to monitor progress and ensure everything aligns with the plan. When the project concludes, we'll facilitate the transition of your new team members back into our talent pool.

What To Consider When Choosing A Software Development Company

If you’re in search of a company to handle your next project, exercise caution when selecting an IT staff augmentation services provider.


Ensure that the company’s workflow aligns with your project goals and corporate culture. Before making a decision, request references from other companies in your industry.


Seek a company with a track record of working on projects similar to the one you have in mind.


IT staff augmentation services should connect you with engineers possessing the expertise necessary for your project. Ask the company to provide you with their engineers’ resumes for a review of their skills and experience.


Confirm that the company has a communication process that suits your needs. You should be able to communicate with the provider easily, both during and after the project.

Project management

Inquire about the company’s project management procedures. For instance, they should have a system in place to help you monitor progress and ensure everything adheres to the plan.

Additional Software Services

A well-designed user interface enables easy modifications to your product’s design post-launch. Therefore, if you can effortlessly adjust your web or mobile app’s layout, functionality, or features, you’re more likely to do so over time.

After the product launch, continuous usability testing and user feedback collection are essential. This allows us to grasp how users interact with your product and identify areas for improvement.

QA and testing services

We offer a comprehensive range of quality assurance and testing services, helping businesses reduce risks and ensure product integrity.

Software outsourcing

EZtek Software is a reliable partner for delivering customized software solutions, whether it’s enhancing existing software or developing bespoke software from start to finish. Project outsourcing is an ideal option for expanding your team or building software from the ground up.

Dedicated delivery teams

These are self-sufficient teams of professionals, often consisting of a project manager, software engineers, software architects, testers, and other roles. They can efficiently create end-to-end solutions that offer significant value.

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Complement Your In-house Development Team

When you work with an IT staffing provider, you are not just getting access to additional resources. You are getting access to experts who can help you manage your project more effectively.

Our IT staffing services provide the speed, professionalism, and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and complete development on time.

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