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Mobile Application Development

We boost businesses with tailored IT solutions, from creating new apps to enhancing existing software. We turn your ideas into secure, scalable solutions.

Web Application Development

We specialize in turning your business concepts into secure and easy-to-use web applications. We provide custom solutions with a focus on expertise and innovation.

Custom Software Development

Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive custom software development solutions. We tailor these solutions to meet your specific needs.

Dedicated Software Teams

Get a dedicated team of software engineers. They have the right skills and experience to focus solely on your project with total commitment.

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Members of EZtek

Incorporate Outsourcing into Your Digital Transformation


As a top custom software development company in Vietnam, EZtek is dedicated to providing top-notch software solutions. These solutions give your business a competitive edge.


Our team is skilled at managing various project complexities. We deliver innovative, secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that work exceptionally well.

Areas of Expertise

Software outsourcing helps businesses save time and money. It offers cost-effective labor, agile development, and high-quality standards.
We offer software re-engineering services to help you move your business to new platforms and technologies. This process modernizes, optimizes, and improves your existing software.
EZtek helps businesses recover from failed software projects. Failures often occur due to unclear requirements, frequent scope changes, unrealistic timelines, and budget issues.
With our extensive experience in system integration, we can create customized solutions for your organization. System integration connects different software applications and data sources.
Need business process automation? We help businesses automate their core processes using our software development skills to build strong and efficient solutions.
We develop CRM solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. These solutions manage customer interactions, lead management, sales, marketing campaigns, and more.
Looking for enterprise resource planning software? We can create an ERP solution that fits your business needs and matches your organization’s goals.
We help businesses set up online stores for B2B or B2C sales. With our deep expertise in eCommerce development, we can design and develop e-commerce web applications using technologies like Angular, React, Node.js, and RESTful APIs.
Our technology consulting services help businesses plan and strategize their IT needs. We provide expertise in software development, business intelligence, mobile apps, data science, and more. Our dedicated experts help you use the latest technologies to achieve faster results.
We specialize in creating personalized software solutions. We offer comprehensive custom software that meets your specific needs.
Boost your development capabilities with our offshore software development centers. This strategy helps businesses save money through offshore outsourcing. Our centers have experienced engineers skilled in various technologies and industries.
Our software testing services improve software products and customer satisfaction. Our engineers are skilled in different testing methods, including both automated and manual testing.
We design superior UI/UX software solutions with a focus on the user. We aim to help you develop appealing and easy-to-use designs that enhance your online presence.
Successful product development requires understanding both business and technology. We focus on creating custom software products that meet the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises.
Our team creates innovative, feature-rich apps for all devices, including native and cross-platform applications. We use technologies like Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter.
We build websites using advanced technologies such as Angular, React, and Vue. Our services include custom web app development, responsive design, eCommerce solutions, content management systems, and more.
We offer software maintenance and support to help you continually improve your software. Our services are available for both new and existing software products.
EZtek assists your organization in updating old business applications with modern technology. We provide full services to turn your old systems into efficient platforms that meet your business needs.

Choosing the Right Software Development Company

Effective communication

Software development companies must communicate clearly and effectively. Developers should be able to turn requirements into solutions and explain these solutions in simple language.

Understanding of your business requirements

A good software development company should know your industry well. They need to understand your challenges, opportunities, and how technology can help.

Results-Oriented approach

Your software development provider should focus on achieving your desired outcomes. They should prioritize results, not just execution, to meet your business goals.

Expertise and innovation

In today’s technology world, companies need to keep innovating to meet customer needs and stay ahead. Look for a software development firm with a proven record of innovative solutions.

Security expertise

Security is very important. Choose a software development company with a strong track record in handling security issues.

Robust technical proficiency

The technical ability of a company is crucial. Software development firms should offer inventive and practical solutions. Developers should understand more than just coding; they should know what makes a product successful.

Effective quality management

A software development company should have a strong quality management system. This should cover all stages, from understanding requirements to development and testing.

How We Develop Software

Project management

We use agile methods to encourage teamwork and meet deadlines. Each project has a dedicated customer relationship manager, regular updates, and frequent demo meetings.

Software security

Security is essential in software development. Our experts ensure your software meets the latest security standards.

Software architecture

Software architecture is the foundation of your project. Our experts can help design the best architecture for your software, whether it’s microservices or a monolithic app.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is central to our software development. We have dedicated QA specialists for each project.

Speed and performance

We understand the importance of software performance. Our team conducts thorough testing and optimization to manage heavy traffic and loads effectively.

DevOps and release engineering

We help implement continuous integration and deployment. This approach allows for the rapid and secure release of software updates.

Database engineering

The database is crucial to your software’s success. Our database administrators (DBAs) help design, build, and deploy databases that suit your application needs.

Expertise in all major programming languages

We emphasize training to provide high-level expertise. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable in all major programming languages and frameworks.

Why Choose EZtek Software

Technical expertise

Our team includes over 30 experts with the experience needed to excel in any project. We have a strong track record of completing large projects.

Client focus

We focus on building strong relationships with our clients and ensure we fully meet your needs.

Industry expertise

We have extensive experience across major sectors, including finance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, and fintech.

Quality assurance

We have a dedicated quality assurance division to ensure every solution we deliver is excellent. This is key to our software development process.


We value teamwork and collaboration. Our engineers work closely with each other and with client teams to achieve successful project outcomes.

Best practices

We follow proven software development best practices and methodologies. This helps us deliver high-quality software.

Our Industry Expertise


We offer software development services for educational institutions to enhance the learning experience.


We create healthcare software that quickly adapts to industry changes.

Financial services

We deploy FinTech applications that meet strict security and compliance standards.

Marketing advertising

We provide AdTech software that strengthens digital marketing strategies.

Media and entertainment

We release software that improves audience engagement and increases revenue.


We develop software for the transportation industry that includes big data, analytics, and machine learning capabilities.

Travel and hospitality

We develop software solutions for travel, hospitality, and tourism that scale easily.


We specialize in enterprise software that focuses on scalability, security, and reliability.

Software Development Methodologies


Scrum is a popular agile framework. It focuses on iterative and incremental development through team collaboration.


Agile project management adapts to changing business needs and market conditions. It aims to meet customer expectations.


Lean focuses on reducing waste and improving continuously. It aims to add only essential features to a solution, maximizing value with minimal effort and time.


DevOps automates the software delivery process. This reduces the time to market and shortens the development cycle for organizations.


Kanban is a simple yet effective method that uses a visual workflow. It limits work-in-progress to minimize delays, improve productivity, and enhance quality.

Extreme Programming (XP)

Extreme Programming promotes rapid development cycles. It emphasizes quality integration into the solution.


Waterfall methodology suits large projects that require detailed planning upfront. It follows a sequential lifecycle, unlike the iterative sprints of agile development.

RAD and Prototyping

RAD (Rapid Application Development) uses quick prototyping to refine solutions through user feedback.

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