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Quality Testing is Part of Every Project

If you’re seeking ways to reduce development costs while enhancing software quality, consider partnering with EZtek Software Vietnam as your Offshore Development Center. This model has proven to be highly effective in lowering operating expenses and boosting productivity, providing greater visibility and predictability throughout the development process.

Quality testing

Dedicated QA & Testing Teams

EZtek Software offers standalone testing services with independent, dedicated QA & testing teams. Our experts are carefully selected based on their skills and qualifications to meet the specific demands of your project. With professional management, we provide you with the best resources tailored to your needs. Our work is transparent and efficient, and we welcome regular check-ins to ensure successful outcomes.

With over ten years of experience in quality assurance services

EZtek Software prioritizes ultimate quality. We have provided high-quality testing services to clients worldwide for more than a decade. With our experience and dedication, you can trust that your software will be thoroughly taken care of before release, without any compromises.

Cutting costs through task automation

Although manual testing holds significance in the early testing phases, automating tasks decreases the workload for post-deployment testing, particularly for applications with extended maintenance periods or requiring frequent test case execution. Automation testing proves cost-effective while enhancing the stability, effectiveness, efficiency, and test coverage of your software and applications. Additionally, it ensures consistent and accurate results.
Cutting costs

Tested and trusted QA method

With over a decade of experience in the IT sector, our QA process has been refined and enhanced. We strive for excellence and continually invest in improving our services. Our track record of satisfied clients speaks volumes about the success of our testing practices.

Flexibility - Regular progress updates

Utilizing the Scrum framework, we adopt an agile approach with brief, iterative cycles. This involves conducting thorough tests on every aspect of your project repeatedly, ensuring the highest quality standards and enhancing project visibility.

Our Approach

Manual and exploratory testing

At EZtek Software, we conduct thorough manual and exploratory testing to uphold the quality and stability of your final product. With our experienced testing teams, we address potential errors and ensure that your software is meticulously tested from start to finish, guaranteeing a bug-free outcome.

Automated testing

At EZtek Software, we understand the limitations of manual tasks and have extensive expertise in test automation. By collaborating with you, we determine the best functions and workflows for automation and develop scripts accordingly. This approach ensures that test cases can be easily repeated, allowing resources to be allocated to creative and exploratory testing.

Our QA & Testing Process

Demo meeting

We collaborate within the team to ensure quality assurance and conduct a demo for the client.

Retrospective meeting

Retrospective meeting

We identify any possible errors or areas for improvement to enhance our testing services further.

Planning/Backlog refinement

Planning/Backlog refinement

We clarify the requirements and establish testing criteria.

Test strategy

Test strategy – Test development

We prepare test strategies and materials, including test scenarios, plans, suites, cases, and data. We also identify automation test cases and prepare test scripts.

Test execution – Defect management

We manually conduct smoke tests, exploratory tests, and user-experience based tests, and execute test cases. Additionally, we execute automation tests and manage reports to monitor and verify any potential bugs.

Test delivery

Test delivery

We verify the requirements and retest to ensure completion of both manual and automation tests.

Testing Expertise

Web application testing

Our highly skilled QA teams and testers evaluate the functions and user interface of web applications across various browsers to ensure optimal cross-browser compatibility. We conduct performance, security, and usability testing as part of our comprehensive web application testing services.

Mobile app testing

Understanding the importance of platform compatibility, we rigorously test mobile applications to guarantee the best user experience. We address mobile device limitations by assessing memory and battery usage, bandwidth consumption, and ensuring responsiveness across different screen sizes.

Game testing

With the gaming industry rapidly expanding, ensuring the success of your game requires meticulous testing. The most successful games not only boast captivating graphics and gameplay but also must be free of bugs. Similar to dining experiences, where excellent food can be overshadowed by poor service, game quality is paramount. We’re dedicated to ensuring your game delivers a high-quality and seamless experience.

Testing Expertise

Functional testing

Performance testing

Security testing

Usability testing

Functional testing

Our testers create test cases based on customer requirements and feedback. We document the results and thoroughly examine any cases that reveal anomalies. Regular re-testing of critical functions is essential to prevent potential regressions.

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Performance testing

Performance issues can significantly impact your brand reputation. Understanding this, we conduct performance tests under realistic loads and stress conditions. Through continuous load and stress testing, we assess the application's stability and adaptability, ensuring it performs reliably under all circumstances. Scalability is a top priority for us at Orient, right from the outset.

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Security testing

Security is paramount in every application we develop. Our teams conduct security audits for both new and existing systems. Refer to our "Security Testing" section for detailed information on our testing methodologies and how we detect and address security vulnerabilities and threats.

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Usability testing

While ensuring your product functions correctly is crucial, its usability for end users is equally important. Our testers identify any limitations that may detract from the user experience. They simulate real-world user behavior to test workflows and use cases thoroughly. Usability testing is an ongoing process at Orient, spanning the entire software development lifecycle to ensure your users have the best possible experience with the final product.

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