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Top Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam

Table of Contents

With every business aiming to establish its presence across various Internet platforms, software development services have witnessed a tremendous demand over the years. However, software development requires a lot of attention and costs in managing operations and resources. Thus for many companies, covering software development in-house isn’t a viable option. This is where Top Software Outsourcing companies In Vietnam come into the picture. The demand for outsourcing services in software development has been continuously increasing over the years. Outsourcing these services offers companies a lot of advantages. One can Focus on Your Core Business Process, effective cost-cutting in resources and hiring in-house developers, Control Cash Flow, and, most importantly, access to higher intellectual resources.

However, the actual value of these significant advantages can only be availed when you choose a good company for your software development outsourcing needs. Finding that one top & trusted firm is not an easy task at all. Many factors need to be considered before hiring the best outsourcing companies in Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the top destinations for businesses looking for custom software solutions. It has a vibrant tech industry with hundreds of options to consider. The following go-to guide will present a list of top outsourcing companies in Vietnam based on some significant parameters. This list will help all the startups, ISVs, businesses, and entrepreneurs decide to find the right outsourcing software company for their project.


With over nine years of experience, EZtek has become one of the leading Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam by providing various software outsourcing and development options. It was founded in 2011, with a small development team but a big vision And from that time, it has offered world-class services to numerous clients across the globe. Moreover, this software outsourcing organization is popular among its clients for the agile development process. Their unique engagement model helps clients to leverage the best of the outsourcing world, backed up with high-quality resources and world-class technical supervision and infrastructure.

The company specializes in web development, mobile application development, and technology services. Their expertise in custom software development includes NodeJS, .NET Core, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Mobile development (native Android, iOS, cross-platform such as React Native, Flutter) AWS, Azure, and Microservices. And web development technology services.

EZtek has consistently been ranked as the best outsourcing partner in Vietnam for its work on reputed lists such as Clutch, Good Firms, and Quora.

Saigon Technology

Currently one of the leading Vietnam-based Agile software development companies in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Saigon Technology Solutions was established in 2012 with the power of more than 100 talented software engineers.

Saigon Technology was certified among the 15 best Agile software outsourcing companies in Vietnam by The Vietnam Software Association in 2019 and 2020. Their mission is to bring the best and most cost-effective Agile software development offshoring and outsourcing solutions to customers worldwide and in many different areas such as e-finance, e-business, logistics, transportation, healthcare, media, and other industries.

Agile Tech

Agile Tech was established in 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam. It specializes in web development, mobile app development, AI- big data services, and blockchain services. Through its team of highly skilled software engineers and IT professionals, the company has built multiple software products for leading companies and brands in more than ten countries.

The company’s portfolio provides sufficient evidence of the company’s proficiency and ability to serve multiple industries. Agile Tech has developed custom software products for enterprise management, e-commerce, social media and entertainment, Fintech solutions, the Service industry, Travel and hotel, healthcare, real estate, education, transportation, and lifestyle.

InApps Technology is the top and most reliable software development company in Vietnam. They have successfully helped their clients’ implement their Digital Transformation and especially their Application Development Outsourcing.

InApps masters the innovation process of bringing an idea to market or transforming a business into its digital presence. They work through the process from ideation, validation, development, launch strategy, and growth.


HDWebSoft is a custom software development company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It comprises a team of more than 150 IT professionals dedicated to providing various IT solutions, including custom software development for enterprises.

Some of the custom software development services HDWebsoft include custom web application development, mobile application development, SaaS solutions development, and enterprise solutions. Further, their services cut across various industries, including Retail and Distribution, Logistics, Travel and Tourism, Finance and Insurance, Transportation, Education and e-Learning, Media and Entertainment, and IoT.


S3Corp prides itself on putting the client’s needs at the core of its operations. The company has been in the Vietnam tech industry for more than a decade. During this period has worked with various companies and brands worldwide, including Absolute Software, Change Lab 23, SingTel, Vinasa, Ruckus, HCA, Pepsico, and Paradigm, among others.

With a team of talented software engineers, S3Corp provides full custom software development services, including full lifecycle development, new feature development, UX/UI design, web and desktop application development, mobile application development, and driver/firmware.


Another company that is taking an upsurge to mark its name as one of the best software development providers is TPS. This company was established way back in the year 2016. It has grown up as one of the most renowned software development companies with around 180 engineers on board.

The company has energetic and dynamic employees who are well versed with all the technical updates to offer their clients refined and elite services. The company provides cloud migration and DevOps, software development, mobile app development, technology consulting, support, and maintenance to fledge their users with a one-stop IT solution.


ICTS is a proficient software development company that holds its name high in procuring cutting-edge technological services. It is a Vietnam-based company that serves all small and medium business enterprises to design their software and applications.

This establishment once started by employing just a handful of employees, to be precise-just with seven of them. Today, the company is one of the leading brands in Vietnam.

The company has served a few significant clients from different countries, including Germany, France, Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam. This company takes efficiency and optimization as its primary goals and thus incorporates various strategies to accomplish them.

MOR Software

MOR (Make Our-dreams Realized) is one of the leading software outsourcing companies based in Vietnam. Through its team of over 150 qualified software engineers in its four offices (Hochiminh, Tokyo, Hanoi, Danang), the company has delivered over 140 projects for up to 35 clients worldwide, including InDetail, Bit One Group, Aruto, and ISM. Overall, MOR prides itself in providing satisfaction to clients through cost-effective and quality software products.

The company’s essential custom software products include system development, website development, mobile app development, SaaS solution development, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

Since its establishment in 2016, MOR has grown and positioned itself as an ultimate custom software development company in the competitive Vietnam landscape capable of delivering high-end solutions across industries.

Vinsofts JSC

Established in 2013, Vinsofts JSC is an audacious Vietnamese company of IT solutions and outsourcing services with 10+ years of experience, over 80 employees, and a presence in 2 cities – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. It was earlier known by the name Vin Software Company Limited, which was further rechristened as Vinsofts in the year 2016. This company works intending to yield the best services and products for its clients. 

Their sole mission is to impart user-friendly solutions that can be easily customized according to their wishes. Despite the location, this company renders its offshore outsourcing services to clients worldwide to spoil them with valued services by expert team members on the go. It has worked for some major clients, namely VNPT, FPT, Viettel, etc., which shows its capability to cater to its client’s requirements.

Wrapping UP

This article was all about the top 10 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam that we believe can help you in your digital endeavors. All of these organizations have won good ratings on review sites and data-driven platforms. These companies have a proven track record and sound portfolios that position them at the top of Vietnam’s custom software development industry.

You can go through their portfolios, experience in the market, and average fees to make a more informed decision. With this write-up, we hope we have cleared your confusion and can help you make a decision faster.

Why choose us?

As one of the top custom software development companies in Vietnam, we are dedicated to best-in-class software solutions that impart a growth-centric competitive advantage to your business.

Our offshore software development team is an expert in handling projects of diverse complexities. So you can stay assured of getting innovative, secure, scalable, cost-effective, and deliver high-performance solutions.

We encourage you to contact us – we at Eztek would love to discuss your business needs &  help you get a much more detailed overview of your business requirements.

We will propose the best solution suitable for the type of software solution as per your potential user’s desires then bring you a successful software application, our expertise is only a click away.


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