Application Support and Maintenance Services

Why Do Businesses Require Application Maintenance And Support Services?

The journey of an application doesn’t end with its development phase. A well-built application necessitates ongoing adjustments and refinements. Consider if Facebook had remained stagnant since its inception in 2004; Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have achieved the historic success he enjoys today. This underscores the criticality of consistent application maintenance and support, alongside continuous innovation, to ensure an application remains relevant and competitive in the market.
Recognizing this necessity, EZtek Software has been diligently providing application support and maintenance services to our global clientele. Whether you’ve collaborated with us on a project before or seek to keep your existing project vibrant and up-to-date, our team of IT experts is well-equipped to address all your requirements and aspirations.

Application Maintenance And Support

Firstly, what sets Application Support apart from Application Maintenance? Application Support is essentially reactive, involving the identification and resolution of issues such as bugs, data leaks, and system errors as swiftly as possible. Conversely, Application Maintenance is proactive, encompassing the ongoing monitoring and management of the application to preemptively address emerging problems and critical situations.

Maintenance and Support constitute an ongoing endeavor aimed at continuously refining and optimizing the application’s performance. It goes beyond mere bug fixing to include modifications and updates essential for maintaining competitiveness, fostering innovation, and improving overall performance. To ensure software remains bug-free and up-to-date, application maintenance and support are indispensable tasks.

Software configuration management

Software Configuration Management (SCM) involves systematically tracking and controlling changes to minimize errors, particularly in team-managed or multi-developer software projects. This essential maintenance service not only streamlines the development process but also enhances productivity and efficiency by meticulously monitoring changes and improvements. By doing so, SCM helps control costs and optimize coordination.

Web & content administration

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it’s crucial to regularly update websites and content to align with these advancements. This necessitates some form of maintenance service for web and content management. Our Web & Content Administration team ensures your website stays current by continuously updating its version with the latest framework. This guarantees smooth functionality with exceptional UI/UX, while also ensuring your content remains up-to-date and tailored to your business needs.

System administration

System Administration guarantees the smooth and efficient operation of your system. Tasks encompass maintenance, management, software installation, updates, and resource allocation. The team also oversees database management for backup and monitoring services, ensuring the safety of all your data in emergencies and prompt responses to client requests.

Cloud event management

With the widespread adoption of Cloud Computing and the prevalence of cloud-based applications, it’s crucial for businesses to grasp the significance of Cloud Event Management and its impact on all IT projects. Our Cloud Management team assists in monitoring all cloud-related events to enhance capability, availability, and application performance, ensuring smooth operations according to plan. Additionally, routine tests are conducted to verify proper functioning and error-free execution of all events.

Database administration

Database storage stands as a cornerstone of any application. It houses valuable data and information crucial for application improvement and modification. Thus, efficient maintenance and support are imperative for effective database administration. This entails safeguarding and securing databases while ensuring regular updates and maintenance, both manually and automatically. A database administrator plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continuous availability and secure functioning of databases through proactive troubleshooting and monitoring.

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