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Experience IT Solutions For Business

We leverage our extensive 11 years experience to meticulously craft bespoke, premium solutions and software products, empowering businesses to proactively prepare for a successful future.

Our Goal

Mission & Vision

EZtek proud to be one of the top outsourcing software development companies in Vietnam.


Our vision is to become the best software development company in Vietnam and empower organizations across the globe with custom software development from concept to completion.



The mission of our company is to provide highly tailored software development solutions that would keep businesses ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive business climate.

Our Workspace

Company Culture and Values

We are fully committed to ensuring our employees' satisfaction and well-being, and in return, they show unmatched dedication to our team and clients. This has led to the creation of a distinctive and fulfilling corporate culture founded on five fundamental principles.


Our commitment is our cornerstone, reflecting our dedication to excellence, our clients, and our team. We pride ourselves on reliability, consistently delivering exceptional work and fulfilling our promises, which forms the foundation of our trustworthiness.


At our core, we prioritize innovation, constantly seeking new methods, technologies, and ideas to stay ahead. Our culture encourages creativity and experimentation, ensuring we always offer cutting-edge solutions that anticipate the future needs of our clients.

Fun & Proactive

We blend fun with proactivity, ensuring our workplace is vibrant and engaging. By anticipating challenges and fostering an enjoyable environment, we maintain high levels of motivation and satisfaction, which contribute to our overall success and well-being.


We believe in the power of collaboration, where diverse skills and perspectives come together to create better outcomes. Our teamwork-driven approach fosters open communication and mutual respect, enabling us to tackle challenges and reach our goals more effectively.

Make Things Simple

In a complex world, we champion simplicity. Our approach is to streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary complications, and focus on the essentials.

Our Leadership

Management Team

Meet our skilled and friendly team dedicated to exceeding expectations with their expertise.

Our Strengths

Principles of Business

We analyze your processes and propose marketing automation solutions. Digitizing your business can cut costs and improve efficiency.

Full product development

We offer end-to-end development services, covering requirement definition, software design, coding, quality control, maintenance, and support, ensuring top-quality service.

Hiring top experts

Our software professionals take great pride in their work and commitment. We hand-pick our IT experts from millions of talented IT individuals across Vietnam, adapting only the best and most advanced technologies for your projects.

Meeting all your IT needs

Whether you require a visually appealing website, a complex multi-tier web application, or custom programming utilizing the latest technologies, EZtek offers the comprehensive expertise to meet your IT needs.


We prioritize transparency in keeping you fully informed about the progress of your project. Our experts, well-versed in your project’s needs, guide you through every phase of solution development, providing insights into technology options, and application design decisions.

Partnering with our clients

We strive to build lasting partnerships based on trust, providing top-notch professional services and solutions. We’re dedicated to meeting your current IT needs and supporting your growth.

Ensuring top quality

We maintain top-quality standards across our organization, including our staff, processes, and communication. Your project is closely monitored by EZtek’s dedicated Quality Assurance team at every stage of development.

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