Why EZtek Software?

EZtek Software stands as a leading software outsourcing firm, dedicated to excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. Positioned at the forefront of Vietnam’s tech sector, we take pride in delivering tailored Software Development Outsourcing and IT Consulting solutions, adhering to industry best practices since 2013.

Technology leadership

At EZtek Software, we lead in technology. We keep up with the latest advancements across various tech domains, ensuring that our software development methods and technologies are up-to-date and backed by over a decade of practical expertise.


Communication is key at EZtek Software. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. You can trust that we won’t overpromise or make commitments we can’t keep. We’re honest and fully accountable to our clients, always working to provide services that align with your needs.


Value is paramount to us. With our offshore development facilities in Vietnam, we offer competitive pricing for top-notch work and excellent outcomes. With nearly a decade of specialization and expertise, EZtek Software ensures that our development costs are the most affordable considering the value we provide, and our final products maintain superior quality.

Talented people

We value talented individuals. Our passion for technology is evident in our extensive technical skills. With rigorous recruitment standards, candidates undergo multiple interviews and tests to showcase their abilities. We exclusively hire software developers with Bachelor’s and Master’s level competencies. Currently, our robust software development team comprises over 30 IT experts, and we’re continuously growing.

Low employee turnover

We prioritize employee retention. Our commitment to providing a comfortable, well-equipped, and professional environment ensures employee satisfaction. We offer engaging work, regular coaching, and professional training sessions. This approach results in low turnover rates, allowing us to retain energetic, talented, and knowledgeable software developers and consultants. As a result, EZtek Software delivers exceptional ROI on our employees, providing you with dependable staff and reliable customer service.

Professional atmosphere

We prioritize a professional work environment. Creating a modern and professional atmosphere is essential for our employees’ success and our business growth. Our office space is designed to high standards, featuring multiple meeting and conference rooms, top-of-the-line hardware, and all necessary equipment to support our professional staff. We regularly conduct training and information exchange meetings to enhance our staff’s knowledge base.

Vietnamese management

Our management blends international and Vietnamese expertise. When you visit our company, you’ll feel right at home, with a neighborly atmosphere. At EZtek Software, we seamlessly integrate a global business mindset with a flat organizational structure. Our CEO, a Vietnamese native, brings valuable overseas experience.

Long-term relationship

We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients. Listening carefully and paying attention to detail are crucial for both our success and yours. Our focus is on delivering high-quality software promptly and consistently to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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