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Considering Outsourcing Your Ruby on Rails Development?

Whether you’re a small startup with a new website idea, an established business seeking to update an existing application, or in need of assistance with a troubled project, Ruby on Rails could be the answer.
At EZtek Software, our Ruby on Rails development team can create a high-quality, scalable, user-friendly website or web application tailored to your needs. Regardless of project size, we provide comprehensive support to bring your vision to fruition.
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What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails was developed by Danish programmer David Heinemeier Hansson and launched in August 2004.
Developed using the Ruby programming language, Rails offers developers a quick, efficient, and secure method to construct innovative websites and web applications. The framework comprises a variety of pre-built code libraries, tools, and assets, providing developers with readily available solutions instead of requiring them to start from scratch.
Consequently, this accelerates the development process by minimizing repetitive coding tasks, such as building tables, menus, and forms, required to create a website or web application.

How Does It Work?

Ruby on Rails operates as an “opinionated” framework, intentionally making assumptions about developers’ website or web application building methods.

This approach aims to simplify the development process by reducing the number of decisions developers need to make. By presenting predetermined ways to accomplish tasks, developers can concentrate on innovating in critical areas, making their final product stand out.
This unified approach not only streamlines Ruby on Rails development but also minimizes the risk of unexpected bugs and errors. If issues arise, adhering to Ruby on Rails guidelines enables swift troubleshooting and resolution.
However, developers retain the flexibility to customize templates and workflows. While routine tasks like building tables and menus can be quickly completed, developers can allocate more time to enhance unique features, resulting in a superior and more competitive product.

Why Outsource Your Ruby on Rails Development?

Popular websites like Shopify, Twitch, Zendesk, Kickstarter, and all rely on Ruby on Rails to power their platforms. These platforms vary widely in purpose and user interaction but are influential within their niches.
Regardless of your project’s focus—whether it’s e-commerce, live video streaming, team collaboration, or any other digital endeavor—Ruby on Rails offers the power, flexibility, and scalability to bring your vision to life.
Here are the benefits of outsourcing your Ruby on Rails development:
  • Fast development cycle: By minimizing repetitive coding tasks, developers can focus on innovation, leading to quicker project completion.
  • Cost savings: Streamlined development means less time and labor, translating to significant savings in development costs, even for projects in need of rescue.
  • Scalability: Ruby on Rails allows for easy adjustment to project scope changes, ensuring you get the product you want without compromise.
  • Versatility: Ruby on Rails is widely used across various industries, from e-commerce to entertainment, enabling the realization of diverse application visions.
  • Active user community: With over 14 years of continuous improvement and feedback, Ruby on Rails offers reliable support from its dedicated user community.
  • Reliable testing tools: Ruby on Rails features RSpec, a user-friendly testing tool that allows developers to showcase application components to clients in real-time, facilitating early feedback and reducing potential delays and costs.

Why Choose EZtek Software for Your Next Rails Application?

Since Ruby on Rails’ inception in 2013, EZtek Software’s development team has stayed current with the framework, utilizing the latest tools, features, and libraries to craft top-tier websites and web applications.
Beyond our expertise in Ruby on Rails, we prioritize a seamless development experience. We’ll walk you through each phase, from consultation and design to building, testing, launching, and post-launch support. This ensures transparency and clarity throughout the process, allowing you to anticipate the final product’s look and feel.

Even if your project is underway and requires additional support, EZtek Software can assist. We’re adaptable to your workflow, schedule, and budget, taking the time to understand your needs and provide cost-effective solutions. Moreover, our team seamlessly integrates with your in-house staff, ensuring smooth collaboration and a shared work ethic.

Lastly, partnering with EZtek Software offers significant cost savings. Our international team boasts lower overhead costs compared to Western developers, providing high-quality Ruby on Rails development services at a fraction of the price.

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