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Outsourcing Node.js Development

Node.js is unique. It’s not a framework or a library. It’s an environment for running JavaScript outside the web browser. It’s built on the V8 engine, originally made for Chrome.
With Node.js, developers can build, test, and run web apps on any machine, not just in browsers. This means they can make apps more easily.
Node.js’s benefits include quick development and launching web apps. It’s because Node.js is efficient and lets developers reuse code.
EZtek Software has been working with Node.js for over ten years. We’ve finished more than 250 projects worldwide, for start-ups and big names alike. We’re ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, showing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Understanding Node.js

Node.js is a free tool that lets developers use JavaScript outside of web browsers. It uses Google Chrome’s V8 engine to do this. This makes it easier for developers to work on apps that work across different devices.
Unlike other systems, Node.js doesn’t start a new task for every user request. This is different from systems like PHP. For example, in PHP, each time someone asks for a file, PHP waits for the computer to find and read the file before sending it back. This means PHP can only do one thing at a time.
Node.js does this differently. It can handle many requests at once. When Node.js gets a file request, it starts looking for the file but doesn’t wait around. It moves on to the next task right away. Once the file is ready, Node.js sends it to the user. This method means there’s less waiting for tasks to finish.
This way, Node.js can handle lots of tasks quickly without using a lot of computer power. This makes Node.js a smart choice for developers looking for a fast and affordable way to build apps.

Why Use Node.js

Understanding Node.js means seeing its benefits clearly:
  • It’s really quick for making apps like chatbots and games that need to handle a lot of users at the same time.
  • You can use JavaScript for both making the app and running it on servers. This means developers don’t have to learn two different languages.
  • There’s a huge choice of tools and add-ons. The npm (Node Package Manager) has over 86,000 libraries to help solve problems and add features to apps. This makes making apps faster and easier.
  • Node.js performs well and can grow with your business. It works with lots of users at once without slowing down your computer. Tools like PM2 help developers keep their apps running smoothly.
  • It’s used by big names in various fields. Companies like Netflix and NASA use Node.js because it’s powerful, efficient, and helps get new products out quickly.

Should You Outsource Node.js Development?

Outsourcing software development sometimes gets a bad rap for being cheap and low quality.
At EZtek Software, we focus on top-notch customer service, efficient project management, and delivering superior products that meet your high standards, anywhere in the world.
We’ve finished over 50 international projects and have lots of industry certifications. You can trust our skilled developers with your project.
No matter the size of your project, our English-speaking team will work with you to understand your needs and create a tailored plan that suits your budget.
Here’s why outsourcing Node.js development might be a good move for your business:
  • It’s like adding to your team. If you’ve got a small Node.js team and need more help, we can join in seamlessly, saving you the hassle of hiring more staff.
  • If you don’t have a development team, that’s fine. We handle everything for you, from start to finish, and make sure you’re happy with the end result.
  • You’ll get smooth project management with us. We bring years of technical expertise and hands-on management to your project. We’ll talk through your ideas, plan out the project with you, and keep you updated on progress without any hidden fees.
  • We guarantee quality. Once your project is done, we make sure it’s top-notch. You’ll get a user-friendly, powerful, and good-looking app that does exactly what you need.

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