Partnership Programs

At EZtek Software, we actively seek opportunities to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals and organizations in similar or complementary markets.

In the past, our exceptional partners, who recognize and trust our outstanding reputation and high-quality services, have enabled us to seize market opportunities. If you have a market opportunity in mind for EZtek Software, we welcome your input and would love to explore potential collaborations together.

The Program For Outsourcing Partnerships

Many businesses in the computing and IT industries often encounter clients seeking software development or related services beyond their core offerings. In such situations, hiring new staff and allocating resources to unfamiliar tasks doesn’t seem practical. Instead, consider EZtek Software’s outsourcing services. Our experts efficiently complete tasks, allowing you to focus on your core competency and profitability. Your clients will appreciate the solutions provided, and you won’t incur the costs of hiring new employees or exploring unfamiliar technologies.

Interested in partnering with EZtek Software? Contact us for a discussion today.

The Program For Resellers With The EZtek Software Brand

At EZtek Software, our prices are unbeatable considering the quality of our services and software solutions. Many companies find it profitable to sell the products and services we provide. We make this process easy by offering comprehensive marketing collateral, including case studies, portfolios, booklets, presentations, and extensive support offerings. You just need to connect us with clients interested in our services, and our team will handle the rest. You don’t need IT experience to resell our products or services. You can dedicate as much or as little time as you like to reselling, and there’s minimal investment required upfront. You will get a generous commission for each sale you make. Upon joining our reselling program, you’ll sign a detailed contract outlining commissions and granting you the right to represent EZtek Software’s interests in your country. This presents a great opportunity for individuals with business development skills and a wide network who are ready to profit from these relationships.

The Reseller Program for Your Brand

If you’re interested in reselling EZtek Software products and services but prefer not to provide contact information, we offer another partnership option with attractive referral fees. Our rates are approximately five times lower than those in North America and Western Europe, ensuring a higher return on investment without compromising quality. All our products and services meet or exceed industry standards, and our software development processes are top-notch. Partnering with EZtek Software opens up new market opportunities and increased profitability in the competitive IT market. With our years of experience and highly trained staff, you’ll gain access to the best technologies and top-performing software solutions. Joining our reseller program means you benefit from our competitive advantages.

The Program For Regional Representatives And Franchises

Many business professionals are keen on entering the offshore outsourcing market but lack the specialized knowledge or time to provide the services themselves. However, if you possess strong marketing skills, you can still turn your outsourcing aspirations into reality. By becoming a regional representative or franchisee, you can leverage EZtek Software’s infrastructure and brand to introduce our services to a new region or industry. If you’re interested in partnering with us but unsure which option suits your needs best, register for our monthly newsletter. It contains all the information you need to explore various partnership opportunities further.

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