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What is ODC – Offshore Development Center?

ODC Definition: An offshore development center (ODC) is a software development facility situated in a different country from the company’s main location. It furnishes all the necessary infrastructure, support, and equipment to remotely manage an entire software product development team.

ODC teams consist of highly skilled developers proficient in the company’s technologies. The primary goal is to address businesses’ growing demands by offering competitively priced services from anywhere globally. Moreover, by establishing ODC offshore, companies can maintain flexibility while outsourcing their product development requirements.

Why Offshore?

Curious about reducing development costs while enhancing software quality? Choose EZtek Software as your offshore development center to decrease operational expenses and enhance productivity. The offshore development center model is tried and tested, offering enhanced transparency and predictability throughout your development journey.

Skills & Knowledge at Our Offshore Software Development Company

When choosing an Offshore Development Center, companies often focus on the expertise of the individuals assigned to their projects. This is a critical aspect of outsourcing decisions.

Vietnam boasts a large pool of skilled software developers who are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies and have comprehensive software education. Through EZtek Software Development Company, your company can easily adjust the team size to meet the evolving needs of your project.

Advantages of Offshore Software Development

The benefits of creating an ODC depend on the industry you’re in, the market for your products and services, and the new business-model opportunities your company is aiming to exploit. Companies benefit from lowered costs, increased flexibility, proximity to high-tech resources, access to new markets and talent pools, time savings through lower communication costs, and more significant business continuity through disaster recovery options.

Some of the benefits for our offshore software development company include:

Faster timeframes

Choosing an ODC in a different time zone can accelerate application development by enabling round-the-clock work. This setup optimizes resources and reduces time to market, aligning with today’s fast-paced business environment characterized by intense competition and short product cycles.

Cost savings

Working with an offshore development center can result in significant cost savings, ranging from 40% to 80% for well-managed projects. This is achieved through lower labor costs in locations like Vietnam without compromising quality or expertise, along with reduced capital expenditures for clients.

Tailored solutions

At EZtek Software, we adapt to our clients’ norms, standards, and work environments while leveraging our domain knowledge and technical skills to deliver tailored business solutions. Our proactive approach ensures that client needs are met precisely, enhancing their bottom line.

Knowledge retention

We ensure that all project knowledge remains within the center, even amidst staff changes, guaranteeing consistent development services for our clients over the long term. Our commitment to fulfilling promises and exceeding expectations remains unwavering.

Technology expertise & innovation

Our team of experienced developers possesses expertise in various platforms and integration technologies, offering a range of services including custom software development, AI implementation, mobile apps, and web development.

Faster deployment & scalability

With an ODC, you gain access to technical expertise required for rapid software updates, surpassing the capabilities of in-house resources. Our scalable model enables us to meet any demand efficiently.


We prioritize meeting deadlines, ensuring timely delivery of products to our clients. Our flexible resource allocation allows us to allocate efforts effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how our offshore development center can benefit your business.

Offshore Development Center at Eztek Software

EZtek Software employs a specialized model for application development tailored to each client’s specific requirements, encompassing methodologies, processes, tools, and technologies. With each offshore software development center exclusively dedicated to a single client throughout the project, team members demonstrate unwavering commitment to the work and fully embrace the client’s objectives and business processes, effectively becoming an integral extension of the client’s onsite team.

Dedicated Team Options

Dedicated Teams

We establish dedicated teams for your projects, minimizing overhead costs while ensuring continuous communication with you as we manage the operations.

Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

This model suits growing companies aiming for market entry. We assemble and operate a team on your behalf, eventually transitioning operations to you when you are prepared.

Difference Between Offshore Development Center (Odc) And Software Outsourcing

An offshore development center (ODC) differs slightly from software outsourcing. An ODC delivers products and services from another country, while software outsourcing does not depend on geographical location.

Despite their differences, both offshore development centers and software outsourcing share commonalities. They provide access to a vast pool of IT talents and developers at lower costs while maintaining high quality. Additionally, they enable businesses to save on recruitment, training, office space, and other expenses, thereby enhancing productivity.

Both ODC and software outsourcing aim to reduce costs and allow businesses to focus on essential tasks.

However, offshore development centers offer a range of services, including building software development teams, project-based development, QA testing, and setting up ODCs for clients. To provide these services, ODCs require specialists such as developers, QA engineers, product managers, project managers, UX/UI designers, marketing specialists, copywriters, and more.

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