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Vietnam – The Perfect Hub for Finding Top-Notch Outsourced Software Developers

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Software outsourcing fundamentally describes the practice of choosing a 3rd party software service provider that should be proficient enough to manage all the tasks and meet the requirements of a software development project. This process thus allocates the control of a business area or project to a qualified, external enterprise that has better capital, technical faculties, and abilities to handle every single software-related need. According to the present figures, IT or software workers consist of at least 60% of the total global outsourcing market.

There are several countries to outsource software development projects. However, Vietnam is gradually gaining prominence in the IT world over India and China because of its superior skilled software professionals. According to 2012’s IT Development Index, Vietnam ranks 4th in Southeast Asia. Now you must be wondering how the Vietnam software outsourcing industry is gaining such popularity in this domain. Here, we have listed down the primary causes for which Vietnam is one of the most emerging software outsourcing vendors.

1. Well-Educated Workforce

For several years, Vietnam has been quite well known for generating gifted IT developers for software outsourcing and other software-related purposes. Thus, tech companies can benefit from this vast pool of software developers in Vietnam. These IT developers of the Vietnam software outsourcing industry will cooperate with delivering high-level software output.

Their outsourcing corporations can effortlessly resolve complex requirements on software-based programs for various business companies. Vietnamese software outsourcing firms like Saigon Technology can bring out interesting and reasonable solutions to complex issues with superior technological support, crucial ideas, and specialized skills.

2. Top-Notch Quality Technical Education

The quality and content of technical education in Vietnam are gradually changing and rapidly upgrading to suit the fast-paced world. Self-studying and research are some of the prime reasons why Vietnam ranks among the top software developers in the world.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam give relief to other enterprises that hunt for professional and proficient IT workers. Thus, one can save money and time as Vietnamese software outsourcing companies will perfectly do the work for you. It gives a huge advantage to such software companies who want to selectively hire educated personnel or employees, who meet all the requirements.

3. Cutting-Edge Technologies

Vietnamese tech workers never forget to keep things up to date. They are well-updated with newer technologies like Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc. With superior hands-on experience, while working on a massive scale in the IT sector, the software developers have acquired solid technical skills.

Now, because of such latest technologies and up-to-date databases, one can easily rely on the Vietnam software outsourcing industry. They will not only do your work on time and save costs but also avoid many potential outsourcing risks.

4. Cost-Saving

The outsourcing software companies in Vietnam are well known for delivering cost-effective and transparent packages that are designed to meet business needs. These third-party outsourcing companies have dedicated and expert-level human resources that will aptly serve your business needs and requirements.

There arises no need to spend high capital to gain the desired outcome or result. Vietnam-based companies like Saigon Technology maintain high clarity and transparency in the business figures and pricing. The overall expenses or incurred costs are provided and accessible in their legal documents of transparency.

With price transparency, even one can keep track of the expenses that have occurred. So, without worrying much about recruiting professionals and expenditures, you can easily outsource from the Vietnam software outsourcing industry, as they are quite adept in working on a variety of software development projects at a low cost.

5. High Proficiency in the English Language

According to a survey conducted by EF Education, Vietnam ranked 29th on the English Proficiency Index in the world and 5th among the Asian countries. Rather than most other countries teaching English as a foreign language, the Vietnamese institutes teach English as a second language. It helps in expanding international workforce collaborations, as the number of English-speaking Vietnamese IT professionals is higher than that of other countries. Vietnam’s software outsourcing industry has experts who can comprehend and reply to the grievances of the customers that are received in English.


The above-stated factors make quiet sense as to why Vietnam is perfect for software outsourcing services, and why their IT developers are in high demand. Vietnam-based offshore software companies can meet most of your business needs with their skillful IT developers. They will also take care of the bugs or errors that arise while operating the software projects. Besides, their highly responsive support panel facilitates fast and active technical support to various business establishments.

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