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10 Best Countries to Outsource Software Development in 2024

Table of Contents

Have you ever thought about making your own website? If so, you might have thought about outsourcing some of the work. Here’s the thing: outsourcing software development can save you money and still get you great results. But it’s not just about giving someone else the job. You need to know a few things to make outsourcing work well for you. The first thing? Find out the best countries for outsourcing software development. You want to pick the right place for what you need.

In this article, we’re going to look closely at the top 10 places in the world for outsourcing software development. Get ready, it’s going to be interesting!

1. India

When it comes to outsourcing, you’ll likely think of India first. It makes sense. India has lots of English speakers, second only to the US. This makes it a popular choice for US and UK companies to outsource work. Also, India’s schools focus a lot on math. They produce over 2.6 million graduates in science, tech, engineering, and math each year.

Indian developers scored 11% higher than American ones in math and logic, according to Gild. But, they didn’t do as well in PHP and HTML. So, if you need web development, make sure your Indian partner has good experience.

In India, a software developer earns about 779,700 Rs a year. In US dollars, that’s about $11,139, says PayScale. This is a good deal for many companies.


  • India has low prices for software development
  • India has lots of IT experts, they know a lot about different tech areas
  • India has many English speakers


  • India’s time is very different from Western countries
  • Some developers in India are very good, but some are not
  • India’s way of doing business and talking can be different

2. Ukraine

Ukraine’s government cares about education. This is clear in their growing tech industry. HackerRank says Ukrainian developers get an average score of 88.7% on their tests. Also, Ukraine has the most C++ experts in the world.

Now, about English. Not everyone in Ukraine speaks it, but 80% of tech people there do. So, talking with them is usually easy. Ukraine’s time is also good for people in the US and UK. Plus, they like challenges and competition at work.

Ukrainian developers make between $11,936 and $46,787 a year. PayScale tells us this. That’s pretty good, don’t you think?


  • Ukrainian developers are great at tech skills, especially in C++ and other computer languages
  • Ukraine has lower prices for software work than many Western countries
  • Ukraine’s time is close to European countries


  • Many tech people in Ukraine speak English, but not as many as in some other places
  • Ukraine has had some political and money problems
  • Ukraine might have different ways of working and talking about work

3. Poland

HackerRank ranks Polish coders as the third best in the world. That’s right. They’re awesome at Java and also good at Python, Shell, and Ruby. Warsaw and Krakow are doing great too. Both cities are in the top 50 of the Tholons Globalization Index.

About speaking English, well, 30% of people in Poland can. So, talking and understanding each other? Easy. If you’re calling from North America, you’ll have to work with the time difference for meetings. But you can make it work.

PayScale says the average software developer in Poland makes about 85,069 PLN a year. That’s around $22,273.88. Pretty good for their high coding skills, right?


  • Poland has good programmers, especially Java
  • Poland’s culture and time are similar to Europe and North America
  • Many programmers in Poland speak English well


  • Poland’s prices for outsourcing are higher than in other Eastern European countries. But they are still lower than in Western Europe and the US
  • Poland has many skilled people, but not as many as some other countries
  • As Poland’s economy grows, the cost of hiring people might go up

4. The Philippines

Did you know that more than 92% of people in the Philippines speak English? That’s true. They’re one of the biggest English-speaking groups in the world. They also take their education seriously, especially in STEM subjects like science, tech, engineering, and math. They’ve been making big changes in education.

Because the Philippine peso isn’t very strong globally, the country has become a popular place for outsourcing. Manila, the capital, is ranked as the world’s second-best city for outsourcing. That’s pretty impressive.

But it’s not all perfect. Even with these changes, Filipino software developers might not be as skilled as those in some other countries. So, the Philippines is good for simple projects. But for harder projects, you might want to consider places like China, Vietnam or Ukraine.

On average, a software developer in the Philippines makes about 554,000 PHP a year. That’s about $10,563.40. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?


  • Lots of people in the Philippines speak English
  • The Philippines has good prices for software work
  • The Philippines has a lot of experience working with international clients.


  • The time in the Philippines is very different from Western countries
  • There are many good developers in the Philippines, but their skills can be different
  • In some places, there might be problems with the internet and technology

5. China

China is good at making tech experts. Every year, they have about 4.7 million new tech graduates. HackerRank even thinks China would win if there was a “programming Olympics”. That’s pretty cool, right?

But it’s not perfect. In China, a huge country with 1.3 billion people, only about 10 million speak English. So, not speaking Mandarin could be tough.

Also, China’s rules about IP (Intellectual Property) aren’t very strict. But you can handle this. Just work with a good outsourcing agency and make clear rules at the start.

In China, a software developer makes between 189,000 CNY (about $27,695.96) and 357,000 CNY (around $52,314.59) a year. That’s pretty good.


  • China has many skilled developers and tech graduates
  • China is good at making new tech stuff, they have the latest in software development
  • China’s prices for software work are good, especially compared to Western countries


  • Not many people speak English in China
  • China has some problems with IP laws
  • How people do business and work in China can be very different from the West

6. Vietnam

Vietnam is a great place you might not know about for outsourcing software projects. It’s ranked sixth in the world for software services. That’s good! Vietnam is changing fast. It used to focus on making things, but now it’s more about services.

The government in Vietnam loves STEM education. They’re spending a lot of money to train software developers. In just over 20 years, they’ve done a lot. Now, Vietnam is a popular place for offshore development.

But it’s not perfect. Sometimes, talking can be hard, and the time difference can be tough. The key is to have a good plan for talking with your team. Still, Vietnam is a great choice for outsourcing. It’s high-quality and doesn’t cost too much.

In Vietnam, a software developer earns between 168,000,000₫ (about $7,320) and 288,000,000₫ (around $12,600) per year, according to PayScale. That’s an interesting salary range.


  • Vietnam has good prices for software work
  • Vietnam is making a lot of skilled software developers, thanks to focusing on STEM education
  • The time difference with Vietnam is small for many countries, especially in Asia and Australia


  • English skills in Vietnam are getting better, but they’re not perfect
  • Vietnam is new to the global outsourcing market
  • How people do business in Vietnam can be different from the West

7. Romania

Romania has free education, and it’s working out for them. They’ve created a great tech scene. Romanian coders are ranked 20th in the world on HackerRank’s tests.

They’ve spent a lot of money on IT, and it shows. Romania is 18th on the A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index. This means they’re good for business, have skilled people, and a strong business environment. Tech workers there earn a lot – three times the average Romanian salary. So, more smart people are getting into tech.

For companies in Western Europe and North America, Romania is great. Their time is similar to ours, and almost 90% of their tech people speak English. They also know languages like Russian and German.

A developer in Romania earns between $12,000 and $35,000 a year. That’s pretty good.


  • Romania has a lot of experts in software development
  • Many IT workers in Romania speak English
  • Romania’s time is good for working with most European countries


  • Romania doesn’t have as many IT workers as bigger outsourcing places
  • As Romania’s economy gets better, it might cost more to hire people there
  • Romania’s way of doing business can be different from Western Europe

8. Brazil

Brazil has about 6.18 million people who speak English well. The government is working hard to make their tech education better. Also, a lot of people in Brazil are young – over 38% are under 24. That’s a lot of young energy! This makes Brazil an exciting new choice for outsourcing software development.

But, Brazil’s tech world is still growing. Their coders get an average score of 71.3% on HackerRank. That’s pretty good, but not the best. So, Brazil is great for finding new, young developers. But for really big tech projects, you might need to look elsewhere.

The cost of living in Brazil changes a lot, and so do the salaries for programmers. Depending on where they are and their experience, salaries go from R24,000 (about $6,009.26) to R132,000 (around $33,054.78).


  • Brazil has many young workers who speak English and are learning more about tech
  • Brazil has a lot in common with Western countries
  • Brazil is quickly becoming better at tech, especially in software and IT services


  • Brazil’s tech sector is still getting better. This might mean not many very experienced developers
  • If your business is in Europe or Asia, working with Brazil can be hard because of the time difference
  • Brazil’s economy changes a lot can affect long-term contracts and costs for outsourcing

9. Taiwan

Did you know Taiwan has some really good coders? HackerRank ranks them seventh in the world. They’re great at things like functional programming and data structures. The government in Taiwan is working hard to make it like Silicon Valley in Asia. They’re focusing on STEM education and improving their tech.

But, it’s not perfect. When it comes to English, Taiwan is ranked 40th. This means you might have some trouble talking with programmers there. They’re even thinking about making English an official language to help with this.

A software developer in Taiwan makes about TWD729,147 a year. That’s around $23,427, PayScale says.


  • Taiwan is known for having skilled developers, especially in functional programming and data structures
  • Taiwan’s government is spending a lot on STEM education and tech
  • Taiwan is in a good spot in Asia


  • Not many people speak English in Taiwan
  • Taiwan’s tech market isn’t as big as in other places
  • Working with people in Taiwan can be different

10. Canada

Canada is doing great in education, especially in tech. About 18.6% of all graduates each year have STEM degrees. Canadian coders are ranked 21st in the world by HackerRank. Cities like Toronto, Calgary, and Halifax are also doing well. They’re in the top 50 on the Tholons Globalization Index.

If you’re in the US and thinking about outsourcing, Canada is a great choice. There aren’t many cultural differences. The time zones are similar too, which makes talking to clients easy. This helps work on complex projects.

Outsourcing to Canada isn’t the cheapest. The average software developer there makes about 64,266 CAD a year. That’s around 47,659.67 USD, says PayScale. It’s more expensive, but you get high quality and a good exchange rate.


  • Canada focuses a lot on tech education, they have many graduates in STEM
  • Canadian programmers are known globally for being good in different programming languages
  • Canada has similar culture and time zones to the US


  • Outsourcing to Canada costs more than to other places
  • People in Canada mostly speak English and French
  • Canada’s tech industry is growing. This means more people want the best workers, which can make them harder to find and more expensive


When it comes to outsourcing software development, there are many great options around the world. Each country has its own strengths. India offers a large pool of IT experts and competitive pricing. Ukraine and Poland are known for their high skill levels in coding. The Philippines stands out for its English proficiency and cost-effectiveness. China and Vietnam are rapidly growing in the tech sector, offering cutting-edge solutions and skilled developers.

However, there are also challenges to consider. Language barriers, time zone differences, and cultural nuances can impact the outsourcing experience. Countries like Brazil and Taiwan are emerging in the tech scene but still have some growing to do. Canada offers high-quality services but at a higher cost.

Overall, choosing the right country for outsourcing depends on your specific needs, budget, and project requirements. By understanding the pros and cons of each destination, you can make a well-informed decision for your software development needs.


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