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Wondering what the range of developer salary in Vietnam is?

Table of Contents

Over the past few years, thousands of bright and deserving youngsters are chasing after a very coveted job – the Software Developer. Software engineering is slated to be one of the most high-end higher salaries in Vietnam in the upcoming years. Have you always been fascinated by the intricate functioning of computers? Should you invest your time and money in learning the skills needed to break into the software engineering industry? What is the average software engineer salary in Vietnam? How to get the highest range of software engineer salary in Vietnam? Students have been pondering upon these questions for years.

Software engineer/developer salary in Vietnam is impressive. Every time we use our phones or laptops to visit a website or use an app, we utilize software developers’ hard work. That is why software engineers in vietnam are much in demand, and the jobs are extremely well paid.

We are sure this must-have sparked a will to become a software programmer within you! Let’s take a look at who is a software engineer and a typical software developer salary in Vietnam?

What qualifications does a software Developer need?

To secure a job as a software engineer, you will need the following –

  •     A bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Information Technology
  •     Knowledge of programming languages such as JAVA or Python
  •     Knowledge of high school mathematics

Salaries In Vietnam

Salaries in Vietnam are usually discussed monthly rather than an annual amount. Monthly salary ranges are provided and discussed below, presented in $USD to make it easier to compare. The Vietnamese Dong (VND) is generally stable and is devaluing slightly over the long term.

There can be a lot of variation within a particular profession. Senior employees can be significantly more expensive than junior candidates, and specific skill sets will attract a premium. The upper ranges presented here apply to a minority of cases.

Finally, the tech industry is less “clear cut” than in the past. Almost every industry is now hiring developers as internal resources, and competition has intensified as a result.

The average monthly salary of Software Developers in Vietnam.

According to a new report by Salary Explorer, a typical software engineer salary in Vietnam can range from anywhere between  8,370,000 VND($360 USD) to  27,400,000 VND($1180 USD), and the average salary can be earned up to 17,400,000 VND(approx $750 USD) per month.

Compared with the average salary of other colleagues working in data analysis or information technology, the money a software engineer makes can be 2-4% higher. However, the salary of a software engineer in Vietnam is still lower than that of other countries.

What skills do you need to be a software developer?

Software developers – includes front-end, back-end and full-stack developers get good pay and rightly so, as their job is quite demanding. To make your career to grow as a software developer and earn the highest possible software developer salary in Vietnam.

A software developer is expected to have the following skills –

Programming skills

Computer languages, database, integrating and building over existing code, debugging and unit testing, knowledge of mobile app development, browser testing, a basic understanding of operating systems.


Most companies train freshers in the technology they hire. However, basic computer knowledge or an equivalent degree is required. Certifications and courses add an essential touch to the resume.

Soft skills

Companies train people from time to time on soft skills to keep their employees motivated. Qualities like interpersonal skills, good written and oral communication, clarity of thought and patience, keenness to learn, helping, and training other team members are vital skills that a software developer should have.

Problem-solving, curiosity, and logical thinking

A software developer should be flexible enough to unlearn traditional approaches and learn new ways to approach a problem. If a part of the code doesn’t work, it should be dealt with in a whole new direction.

Business mindset

This enables the developer to think from a bigger perspective and develop code that can be reused and extended later without too many changes.

Factors Deciding Software Developer Salary in Vietnam

Software Developer salary in Vietnam can be affected by multiple factors. Let’s see some primary salary Factors that influence the salary of a software developer.

  •     Level of relevant years of experience
  •     Type of company
  •     Higher education
  •     Skillset
  •     Work location
  •     Job Roles
  •     titles
  •     Recruiters


Software Engineer / Software developers are paid quite well everywhere – be it in Vietnam or abroad. If you plan to build your career as a software developer, plan and make sure you follow the right path. Choose the right industry, the right set of skills, be more flexible and open to learning new technologies, and make sure you keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends.

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