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4 Ways to Shortlist Potential Software Development Outsourcing firms

Table of Contents

How to find the perfect software development partner for your needs? That is the question we want to answer in this series of articles. In the second episode, we will show you four ways to get started with your market research, once you’ve identified your broad requirements.

  • So, where to start with the actual research work?
  • What are some reliable websites and marketplaces you can refer to?
  • How to go from your pipeline of potential suppliers to a short list of three to four companies to examine further?

Today, we will explain how you can research potential providers and make a short list of promising companies.

#1 Do The Research

We owe you this warning, finding and listing potential providers involves a lot of grant work. So, don’t start searching online without a good sense of what to expect in terms of services, relationship, location, etc.
A preliminary introspection will allow you to:

  • Quickly see if the providers you’ll find are worth checking further or not.
  • Make your search more efficient with relevant search terms and keywords.

Now you can roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Here are some tools that you can use for your search.

Google (or other search engines)

The old-fashioned way of just searching for companies online works. It might seem obvious but Google will be a great help if used right. Avoid broad or subjective terms like “best software development outsourcing company” that may give you biased results.

Instead, choose specific keywords (such as your technologies or preferred location) that will help Google find exactly what you’re looking for in the least amount of time.

Your network

It’s tried and tested advice from every entrepreneur out there. You’re not the only one relying on software development teams to grow your business, and you’re very likely to know people in the same industry or same position as yours with experience with outsourcing providers. Ask them if they can recommend any particular outsourcing firm. Finding a tech partner through someone you trust makes things much easier. Yet, this doesn’t prevent you from doing your own due diligence to make sure that the provider fits the bill for your needs.

Review Sites

Directories and review sites are pretty similar nowadays. Those platforms basically start listing software development providers and then at a later stage. Their business model pushes them to ask the provider’s customers for honest feedback and comments. It’s so much more insightful than just a plain list of providers. Just like Trip Advisor in the travel industry, these review sites give you access to hundreds of unbiased reviews from other clients, adding a lot of transparency to the industry.


Clutch is a data driven research company. They’re actively collecting verified reviews to assess hundreds of tech companies including EZtek.

The way they work is pretty simple, we provide the contact details of our clients who then get interviewed by clutch and the review is published on their website.

Good Firms

Good firms is another great independent review site to check out. They work the same way as Clutch.

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd was initially created for listing software product companies but they have recently added service providers to their directory.

Marketplaces and consulting firms

Marketplaces and consulting firms operate differently. Basically, with all data collected about various outsourcing providers, they’re able to advise and help you find the right match for your needs.

These advisory services can go from simply recommending a vetted company based on certain criteria, to helping you throughout the entire evaluation process, negotiation, closing of the deal and even further accompanying you in the long run to make sure that the relationship goes well with your chosen provider.

Some of these services can be free but in most cases, you can expect either commissions based on the revenue generated over time or other fees for more personalized services.

So, if you think that having some third party assistance in your outsourcing process would be a good idea, consulting firms like Accelerance or Outsource Accelerator can help. Also, don’t forget that if you have any doubts during your search you can always ask your questions on a Q&A website like Quora. Remember, at this stage you’re just listing companies based on a quick assessment of their capabilities and an overall sense of their online presence.

#2 Make a Short list of Promising Companies

Once you’ve found the 10, 15, maybe 20 companies that match the high level criteria you’ve set, we would recommend ranking them. Again, based on the criteria that matter to you and make a short list of 3 or 4 companies you’ll reach out to. Try to get a sense of the possible relationship you could establish with them from what you learn on their website and blog.

Now, you’ve shortlisted a few companies you would like to get more in depth with. If you are serious about making the right choice in picking a partner, you will need ample time to assess each of them.

Please don’t see the cost as the sole deciding factor here. Keep in mind that going for the cheap route often ends up costing more down the road.
Instead, think in terms of value for money and how much the provider will be able to deliver over time. Many factors will enter in this computation, we go into detail for each one of these in the next episode. EZtek will tell you exactly what to evaluate and what to ask when you talk to the listed providers. Stay tuned.


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