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Mobile App Development Team Structure (Key Roles)

Table of Contents
Mobile App Development Team Structure

Hey there! Let’s talk about how mobile phones are super popular these days. It seems like every day there’s a new phone or app out there. Did you know people are on their phones for like five to six hours a day? That’s a lot!

So, if you’re running a business, you can’t just ignore this. Having your business on mobile phones is a big deal now. If you’re not there, you’re missing out on connecting with tons of people. Now, if you’re thinking of making a mobile app, there’s a big decision ahead. You need a team that’s good at making mobile apps. And you’ve got to figure out the best way to work with them.

You probably know how important it is to have the right people on your team. But you’re still figuring out who exactly you need for a great mobile app. And will you build it with your team or get someone else to do it? Let’s dive into that today.

Effective Mobile App Development Team Structure

Product Owner

The product owner is super important for your project. They work inside your company and make sure the app development team and other parts of the company work well together. Their job is to look after the whole process of making the app, from the start to the end. They make sure the app is good for the users.

The Product Owner is key to making your app valuable. They do this by taking care of the app’s to-do list, making sure the team knows what’s important and that these things match the project’s goals.

Project Manager

About the Project Manager, or PM for short. They’re in charge of the whole mobile app project. Their job is to make sure the app is finished on time, stays within budget, and is really good quality.

The PM keeps an eye on how the project is going. They make sure everything stays on track, the team is excited about their work, and the clients are happy. Most of the time, they’re the main person you or the Product Owner will talk to. They help connect the business side of things with the tech side.


Next, developers for your mobile app. The kind you need depends on what your app is about. If it’s for iPhones, you need iOS developers. For Android phones, you need Android developers. And if your app works on both, you need developers who can do cross-platform work. Each kind needs different skills.

These developers make the designs for your app work in real life. They have to be good at the operating system your app uses and know the right programming languages. Or, they should know how to use tools for making apps that work on both iOS and Android.

Sometimes, for complex apps, you also need Backend Developers. They work on the parts of the app that run on servers. This is important to make sure your app works well and doesn’t have problems.

Finding good developers can be tough. But, if you work with a company that specializes in making mobile apps, it’s usually easier. They can find the right people for your app.

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About UI/UX Designers in mobile app making. They are very important. Their job is to make the app look good and be easy to use. They work on making the app great for users to interact with and enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what kind of app you’re making – whether it’s for insurance, healthcare, or something else. You need a designer. They make sure your app is not just nice to look at but also works well.

The work these designers do is a big deal for your app’s success. So, it’s important to focus on good UI/UX design right from the start of your project.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts, or BAs, in app projects. They’re important at the start. Their job is to look closely at what the business needs and help set the right goals. They make sure the way the app is made fits your specific needs.

What BAs do includes understanding your idea well, figuring out what the app needs to do and not do, guessing how much the project will cost, and helping make a first version of the app that’s easy to use.

In short, Business Analysts are super important in the team that makes your app. They keep an eye on the value of your business, check on how things are going, and help you reach your original goals.

QA Testers

Let’s chat about QA Testers in app-making teams. Their job is to make sure your app is really good quality. What does a QA Tester do? They check your app doesn’t have any bugs, works well on different phones and browsers, and does everything it’s supposed to do.

It’s hard to make an app perfect from the start. But QA Testers work closely with everyone making the app to make it as good as it can be. They do a lot of tests on the app to see how it works, how safe it is, how easy it is to use, and how good it is overall.

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Choosing a Mobile App Development Team

Let’s talk about picking a team to make your mobile app. It’s not just about finding the right people or developers. You also need to think about how to keep things moving smoothly.

Choosing a Mobile App Development Team

Managing the Team

When you’re putting together your team, you’ll have different kinds of people, like a senior designer, a junior designer, and maybe an intern. To avoid confusion, it’s important to have team leaders. These leaders will talk to the business side, understand what’s needed, and tell their teams. This helps everyone work better and finish tasks on time.

Team leaders are important for giving out tasks, watching over resources, and keeping work flowing. Talking to an app consulting company can help you figure out how many developers you need.

Setting Up Processes

A good team needs clear steps for making the app. This means having a plan and following it. For example, if a designer has 10 days to work on something, they should talk to the developer when they’re done to pass on the work. This kind of planning makes sure everything gets done well and smoothly.

Choosing Skilled People

It’s important to have a team where everyone is good at what they do. When you’re choosing people, think about what skills they need. Like, designers should be good with design tools and solving problems. Knowing what you need makes it easier to pick the right people.

Working Together

Everyone in the team has different strengths. It’s important to create a place where everyone can work together well. This kind of environment makes the team stronger and helps make a better app.

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How to Hire the Mobile App Development Team

There are different ways to choose from when hiring a mobile app development team, and you can choose what works best for you.

In-house Team Model

This means you make a team just for your app. You’ll need to find Android or iOS developers who get your project. This team works only on your app.

Pros of an In-house TeamCons of an In-house Team
They focus only on your app .They aim for high quality and meet deadlines. They make sure the app is safe and easy to use. They can change the app as needed.The recruitment process can be lengthy and complex. You need to invest significant attention in the app development process. This approach can be considerably costly.


You can also hire freelancers for specific jobs, like a designer.

Pros of Hiring FreelancersCons of Hiring Freelancers
It’s cheaper. They have a good process. They work fast.There might be communication or culture issues. You don’t see everything that’s happening.

Dedicated Team

You can hire a whole team from a company. They work only on your app.

Pros of a Dedicated TeamCons of a Dedicated Team
Cheaper than freelancers or your team. You control the timeline. They focus only on your app. They finish the project well.There might be language or culture issues. There’s a risk of sharing private info.


You can give the whole project to another company.

Benefits of OutsourcingChallenges of Outsourcing
A cost-effective approach to mobile app development. Access to a well-structured and organized development process. A hierarchical system that promotes rapid development.Potential communication or cultural barriers that require specific protocols to overcome. Reduced control and visibility over the project’s progress.

Start Making Your Mobile App with EZtek

Picking the right team for your mobile app is important. You know what kind of people you need and when you need them. Now, it’s time to build your team. EZtek Software has all sorts of experts, from project managers to QA engineers. They’re ready to make great mobile apps for different kinds of businesses.

Talk to us at EZtek. We’ll help you figure out the best team to turn your idea into a great mobile app.


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