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How Much Does It Cost to Outsource App Development

Table of Contents
How Much Does It Cost

In today’s digital era, businesses flourish online in various ways. To thrive in this contemporary environment, having a mobile app is crucial for business owners. However, creating an app in-house involves a significant investment of time and resources in design, testing, and implementation.

While assembling an in-house mobile app development team might seem necessary, it could also be excessive. A more straightforward solution could be outsourcing to a specialized third-party service provider. But the question arises: what is the cost of outsourcing app development?

Why Outsource Mobile App Development?

Making an application is hard. To do it well, you need lots of experience, training, and the right tools. Outsourcing can make things easier and give you a better app without too much work inside your company.

Thinking about getting someone else to make your mobile application? Here are some good reasons to outsource it.

Save Time

Time is important in business. Spending too much time on one task can lead to financial losses. Making an app by yourself takes a lot of time. You have to hire people, train them, pay them, and get the right tools. If you outsource, you still talk about what you want the app to be like, but it takes less time.

Fewer Mistakes

Mistakes are common, but in application development, they can cause significant issues. Your app is how customers see and buy your products. If it doesn’t work well, customers can’t use it. Working with experts means your app will have fewer problems and work better.

Learn from Experts

Working with an experienced app development team can provide valuable learning opportunities. They have tools and knowledge you might not have.

Less Training Needed

Outsourcing reduces the need for extensive training within your team. The team you hire already knows how to make apps. They have made apps for other businesses and know what to do.

Grow Your App Easily

Your app needs to keep getting better. When you outsource, you work with a team that knows the latest trends in apps. They can help your app grow and change as your business does. This means your app will always be up-to-date and ready for new things.

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Estimating the Cost of Outsourcing App Development

The cost of outsourcing app development may differ from other services. Most of the money spent on making an app goes into its design and creation.

On average, it costs between $50 to $130 per hour to make an app, for both Apple and Android. The total price changes based on how skilled the developers are and how long they take to make the app.

Estimating the Cost of Outsourcing App Development

Here’s how much it might cost for different sizes of businesses:

  • Small businesses: If you have a small business and need a simple app, it could cost from $10,000 to $80,000. The price depends more on how complex the app is than on the size of your business.
  • Mid-sized companies: If your app is a bit more complex, it might cost between $60,000 and $120,000.
  • Large corporations: For big companies that want very complex and custom apps, prices start at $120,000 and go up.

Different companies that make apps charge different prices. Some special deals might save you money and give you more options. It’s good to look at different companies to find the best one for your budget.

Cost to Outsource App Development

When you think about outsourcing app development, knowing the cost is important. The price changes based on how complex the project is, how many features it has, and where the team making the app is located.

Costs for Different Platforms

Making an app for both iOS and Android usually costs more than just for Android. For example:

  • A Netflix-like app with a good interface, streaming, and many ways to pay might take 3,038 hours to make. At $50 an hour, it would cost about $151,900 for both iOS and Android. If you make it for all platforms at once, it might cost around $83,545.
  • An Uber-like app with GPS, different ride options, and payment methods might take 2,294 hours. This could cost about $114,700 for both iOS and Android. Making it for all platforms might lower the cost to $63,000.
  • A simple online shopping app with a product list, cart, and payment options might need 2,500 hours. This would cost around $125,000 for both platforms or about $68,700 for all platforms.

Costs in Different Regions

The price also depends on where the app is made. Here’s a quick look at the costs in different places:

RegionNetflix-like AppRidesharing AppE-commerce AppUber-like App
North America$455,700$477,300$375,000$798,600
Western Europe$303,800$318,200$125,000$532,400
Eastern Europe$151,900$159,100$125,000$266,200

Remember, finding the right company to make your app is important. It can help your product and make the process better. This guide gives you tips to find the best company for your app.

Choosing the Right Company for Outsourcing App Development

After looking at the costs of making an app yourself or outsourcing it, the next important step is to find the right company to make your app. This is a big decision because your app shows what your brand is about and helps you talk to your customers.

Seek app developers with a reputation for excellence. We recommend EZtek. They have a team that’s great at making apps that fit your brand. They also know a lot about web applications and IT outsourcing.

Choosing the Right Company for Outsourcing App Development

When you’re looking for the best company to make your app, think about these things:

  • Reputation and experience: Your brand’s image is linked to the company you choose. Check their ratings and what customers say about them. It’s also important to choose a company that keeps up with new tech and trends in apps.
  • Quality of the app: Making a good app that your customers will like is different from just making an app. Work closely with the company to make an app that shows what your brand is about. Look at other apps they’ve made to see if you like their work.
  • Working with your existing tools: Your app needs to work well with the tools and systems you already use. If it can’t connect to your online store or social media, it’s not as useful. The app should make things easier for your customers and help them connect with you. Make sure the company uses tools and software that work with what you already have. If you need to change your systems for the app, it could cost more.

Remember, choosing the right company to make your app is important for your brand and your customers.


Finding the right service for outsourcing mobile app development can be tough because there are so many companies and individual developers out there. But working with a trusted company can be good for your product and your business, and it can also be a positive experience. This guide aims to provide essential advice and insights for the successful outsourcing of mobile app development.

If you need a reliable partner who is good at making apps that can help your business grow, we are ready to help. Contact EZtek today to learn how we can contribute to your business’s success.


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