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How Much Does it Cost to Make An App?

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You probably have two questions in your mind: ‘How much money does it cost to make an app?’ and ‘What does the price depends on?’ There’s no real answer to “How much money does it cost for mobile app development?” The response to this alluring question is usually ‘It depends’, which raises more questions than answers. To mention upfront, the cost to find the Skilled App Developer team is very hard to estimate. It varies on different factors. Let’s talk about numbers. Please keep in mind, these are general figures and you will get the exact rates only directly from app development companies. Depending on the various factors, the cost to build a simple mobile app may range from $2,000 to $50,000, while a complex app with multiple features would cost from $100,000 to $250,000 to outsource approximately.

Why is Mobile Application Development important?

App development around the world is thriving at a staggering rate. The reason behind this is the rapid increase in technological advancements, awareness among people and also it’s due to the high competition in the market. A lot of big and small app development companies are looking for hiring app developers who are skilled and talented from around the world to get a professional mobile application for their business. With the growing number of users accessing the internet via smartphones, mobile app development gives the unique ability to ensure you are always in their pockets. If you are someone who finally decided to build a mobile app, the first question that immediately strikes your mind.

How much money does mobile application development cost?

As we discussed earlier, there’s no proper answer to “what does it cost to make an app?”. Paying the right money for your app can be challenging if you are not familiar with the outsourcing market .

To avoid the tiresome task of looking for freelance developers and understand the associated costs of hourly rates, benefit plans, and more, we recommend that you hire a team of software developers in vietnam directly from an  App Development Company.  The cost to create an app is very hard to estimate and  it varies based on different technological factors like:

1. Development Approach: Native app development vs. Cross-platform app development vs. Progressive Web Apps

The app development approach definitely influences the final cost to build an app. An application that suits the guidelines of a particular operating system is called a Native app development. These apps are complex in nature and provide rich user experience. Logically, the app development price increases as the number of platforms you want to target  increases. In contrast, a Hybrid or Cross-platform app works with multiple operating systems, which means that you can save money by building only one application for all required platforms. Progressive Web Apps are web apps that use emerging web browser APIs and features along with traditional progressive enhancement strategy to bring a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications. However, due to the technical superiority and performance of native apps, the vast majority of app development companies recommend this approach.

2. Vendors Location

Location plays a crucial role in the rates when you set up an offshore development center. Most companies choose different models while hiring developers. The price of the mobile app is calculated on a weekly or hourly basis as per the agreement. Talking about offshore mobile app developers, they work 5 days or 40 hours a week. This approximately ranges to 160 hours a month. The type of project also impacts how much an app developer will need to be paid, based on difficulty, expertise needed, and time required. But there are other important considerations when thinking about hiring a skilled developer: namely, the hiring process itself, how you go about finding your developer, and where that developer is located. If you hire a developer in Palo Alto, California, you can bet that they will have a higher hourly rate than a developer pretty much anywhere else in the world. If you restrict your talent search to only one location, it will be harder for you to find the best talent with best prices.

So How Much Does App Development Outsourcing Cost actually?

Below we’ve collected the average hourly rates of iOS and Android developers by location. Please keep in mind, these are not accurate figures and you will get the exact rates only directly from your developer. Stats from Statista shows the median amount charged by mobile app development companies worldwide to develop applications for various platforms as of 2015.

  • North America- $25-$250 per hour
  • Vietnam- $18-$25 per hour
  • Australia- $35-$175 per hour
  • Singapore- $50-$166 per hour
  • United Kingdom- $35-$175 per hour
  • Eastern Europe- $20-$110 per hour
  • South America- $30-$100 per hour
  • India- $10-$75 per hour
  • Indonesia- $10-$40 per hour

 A simple application requires 1-2 months of development or 300 hours, and complex application development requires- more than 4 months.

3. Time & Material

To answer this, we need to know that not all mobile apps are equal. And the inequality is not just in the cross-platform that it is developed for. The different platforms like iOS as well as Android application development are counted with the time needed to implement certain app features. The more time is required more will be the overall pricing. A pricing structure is determined by the cost and material needed for a project and thus it is calculated based on an hourly rate. This approach provides flexibility during app development and comes in the category of complex projects.

4. Complexity of features

An app’s complexity defines what is the cost and time required to build each feature. As complexity increases, costs also increase. If your budget is limited, think about prioritizing features to fit within that price range. As well, keep in mind that native apps which are developed specifically to run on android and iOS are much better than those that are cross-platform. The cost of developing is higher, but the overall result and their performance make the cost worthwhile.

5. Different OS

Different platforms have different costs to create an App. The most popular platforms in the app development business are Android and iOS this is due to increase in their requirement and high competition in the market .So, to choose any one of the two platforms you need to understand what is the audience you would like to reach. Both have their own Advantages like iOS apps generally cost less than that of Android apps and are quicker to build and The number of users for Android exceeds that of iOS by a massive number, especially in the Asia region. If you need to make an app for one platform only, then the cost will be similar, be it iOS or Android.

6. Types of apps

Everything has its price tag. When it comes to creating mobile apps, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is fully justified.  Similarly different types of apps costs differently To make you understand, consider the following common app types:

  • Real Estate Applications – $10,000 – $15,000
  • A messaging app like Whatsapp – $50,000 to $130,000
  • Dating app like Tinder – $80,000 to $200,000
  • Social networking app – $30,000+
  • Payments and Banking app – $40,000 to $70,000
  • Taxi booking app like Uber,lyft – $25,000 to $100,000

7. Types of Vendor

If you’ve decided to outsource your app development, you have at least two options to choose from:

a)Hire a development companies.

b)Hire freelance developers.

The greatest advantages of hiring a freelancer is that They have much lower rates than professional agencies, simply because they have no major overhead costs. You pay them for the finished project and that’s it. Also, with a lot of freelancers, you may even be able to negotiate on a price, but most of them have fixed rates, which are still pretty lower than those of agencies. However, app development companies charge more because they bring a lot more to the table. Offshore software development team can provide you with a number of different services and ensure that they deliver the results efficiently and effectively, so you must agree that their services are valuable and completely worth the price. Therefore, if you have a good budget, use it properly, and don’t let the price determine whether or not you will outsource to a particular company.

As you can see, the app development agency or freelancer both have their advantages and disadvantages, but your choice ultimately comes down to your project requirements. In general, if your project includes small  tasks, then hiring a freelancer who is specialized in managing those particular tasks is a better option. In contrast, if your project is complex and requires a team of collaborators who can deliver the necessary results efficiently, then hiring an app development company is absolutely a smarter choice.

To sum it up – how much does it cost to make an app in 2020?

Although initially it seems that the new app launch is almost too hard to take, trust us it’s not. Yes, it does have its pitfalls and hidden risks, but these are easily overcome if you are surrounded by the right people. The best way to find out how much it cost to make an app is to reach out to a development agency and tell them about your project. We encourage you to contact us – we at Eztek would love to discuss your business needs & help you get a much more detailed overview of the cost to build your app.

We will propose the best software development solutions for the type of app you want and to your potential user’s desires, our expertise is only a click away.


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