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What Is Firebase | Full Review In 2022

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Today, we are talking about Firebase. Read this article to learn all Firebase features as well as its pros and cons. With development environments like Google’s Firebase, businesses can speed up back-end development and focus on their app’s front-end.

So, What is Firebase?

It is a Back-end as a service platform, offering a selection of development tools and backend for building highly scalable apps.


The front page of the Firebase website displays three categories of services.

Among which are Services for app development, Quality improvement and Instruments for business growth.

Firebase services for building better apps

  • Firebase ML is a mobile SDK that allows you to use Google’s machine learning features in Apple or Android apps.
  • Firebase Auth is a Google authentication feature that allows you to use pre-built ui libraries for user authentication. With the help of it, you can create a better sign in and sign up experience while delivering secure access to your app.
  • Cloud Storage is a google cloud that allows for secure storing and sharing user-generated content.
  • Real-time Database stores and syncs unrestricted apps data in Json and enables you to access it in real time. Another advantage is definitely the ability to work offline, as it caches the changes made in the customers app and when the connection is restored, synchronizes it.

Firebase services for growing your business

  • Firebase In-app Messaging is a tool that helps you engage and retain users with targeted messages. It assists in identifying the interests and behaviors of your app’s users.
  • Firebase A/B testing is a tool designed for testing and validating your app’s features to improve the user experience or the product as a whole.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging is a messaging service that helps you send messages to iOS, Android or the web free of charge.
  • Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools for analyzing user interactions within the app, analytics reports on 500 different event types and enables you to define important data that matters the most for your business.

Well, using Firebase for your business startup is a perfect way to go, as it is specifically geared to building business applications. Keep reading to get a full picture of the platform, including hidden pitfalls of back end options.

Pros of Firebase

  • Database Options: Firebase offers robust real-time and firestore databases.
  • Free Start: But as you go further, you’ll need to pay for specific features and products.
  • Accessible UIs and smooth integration
  • Efficient and secure hosting
  • Wide variety of services.

Cons of Firebase

  • Real-time Database Limitations: such as limited querying and filtering capabilities and too much duplication. Nevertheless, these flaws would seem a little far-fetched to most professional back-end dev.
  • Limited SDKs: such as the absence of offline commitment, the Firebase Javascript SDK does not support data caching.
  • Limited Console: which means a lack of detailed locks.

Whether you need to create a brand new product for a small business or reshaping an existing enterprise web application, EZtek recommends using Firebase. This article was prepared by the EZtek team. We provide software development, UI/ UX design and testing services to top brands worldwide.


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