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Typescript vs Javascript

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Lately, one of our clients asked us about Typescript vs Javascript. What’s better and how are they different? So, we decided to give a detailed answer with all the pros, cons and use cases.

What is Typescript?

Typescript can be described as an improved version of Javascript with increased readability, static compilation and intuitive interface.

We can name four main advantages of Typescript over Javascript.

#1 Optional Static Typing

As you might know, Javascript is a dynamically typed language which means the software will not treat type differences as errors up until runtime. Typescript introduces optional static typing once declared a variable doesn’t change its type and can only take certain values. The compiler alerts developers to type related mistakes, it results in early bug catching and structured code.

#2 Improved Readability

Javascript offers few readability add-ons, meaning a lot of errors need to be detected manually. Typescript static reading alone is a huge step towards the increased code optimization.

We also define three other changes: early bug detection, stable code, defined types. Typescript offers clear categories for variable declaration.

Just take a look at Javascript code and Typescript code, Typescript provides a more informative version of a code base.

#3 Intellisense

Along with improving the quality of the code, Typescript is also capable of increasing the development speed. Microsoft developed an instrument for code navigation called Intellisense. It offers automatic code completion. By hovering over a method’s name, you will see the properties and parameters.

You can set up hotkeys to access detailed descriptions of an instrument. However, the execution of Intellisense is far from perfect now. According to our experience, we see that we are not alone in this, despite it this is still a valid advantage.

#4 New Features

Javascript lacks several important features, Typescript took inspiration from other languages to deliver: type annotation, the value for each static type is checked automatically by Typescript, generics lets you write a generalized form of method, improved API documentation.

Typescript has tools like VS code navigation that allows developers to see parameter types automatically, track variables and more.

Differences between Typescript and Javascript


Javascript definitely outweighs the number of tools that support Typescript.

NPM Package

You can integrate Typescript with NodeJS. You’ll benefit from the same advantages like static typing, automated documentation, garbage collecting (only for the back end).


Typescript scripts eventually transpile into Javascript.


Of course, Javascript is the most popular language currently. However, Typescript popularity is rising and it is ranked the ninth most popular language.

When will each of them be used?


  • You have a large codebase, Typescript will help you bring your code to a single standard.
  • You need static typing
  • Speed is a priority, Typescript speeds up the development process by catching bugs in real time.


  • Extra transpilation tax isn’t an option. Javascript can run directly in a browser unlike Typescript.
  • Flexibility is a priority, as Javascript offers dynamic typing which allows to create new functionality without sticking to the same rules.
  • Framework unsupported. If your framework doesn’t support Typescript, you won’t be able to take advantage of its features.

According to our experience, product owners are getting increasingly more interested in Typescript. We hope our video helps you figure out the main differences between JS and Typescript to make a wise choice for your project.

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