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Software Testing Life Cycle

Table of Contents
Software Testing Life Cycle

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Over the past decade, the importance of the software testing life cycle or STLC has skyrocketed. For us, it is crucial as it helps engineers address bugs faster and more accurately.


Software Testing Life Cycle means a testing process which has specific steps to ensure that the software quality goals have been met.

Why do we need a Software Testing Life Cycle?

The benefits of STLC are the following:

  • Direct project and team organization
  • Quality assurance
  • Predictable development process
  • Quick error detection.

Models of Software Testing Life Cycle

#1 Agile Model

Main focus of agile is to adapt to any changes and avoid long-term planning. We value Agile for the transparency of project delivery. This model involves testing as early as possible.


  • Instant product delivery
  • Users involvement in product development
  • Constant communication.
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Less planning.

#2 Waterfall

Contrary to Agile methodologies, the Waterfall model is about long-term planning, it works great for small projects.


  • Review process
  • Persistence of linear testing.

#3 V-model

This model is about planning the expected results right at the verification phase. The V-model breaks down the testing phase into detailed steps to ensure the validation and verification process

According to our team’s experience, the V-model is rarely used these days.


  • Simplicity in use
  • The test plan is specified before coding
  • Real-time error tracking
  • Defined user role in the verification phase.

#4 Spiral Model

This methodology focuses on risk analysis and Spirals (development loops). It combines both linear and iterative approaches. Each spiral addresses one single activity of software development.


  • Allows changes in requirement
  • Good for complex projects
  • Ability to manage risks at earlier stages.

Process of Software Testing Life Cycle

#1 Requirements Analysis

After product requirements are set out, EZtek’s testing teams try to evaluate this information and ensure that it works for the project. Requirement analysis includes the following activities:

  • Defining software features
  • Setting testing priorities
  • Preparing requirement traceability matrix – RTM. It is used to track the requirements and to check if the current project requirements are met.
  • Identifying the testing environment details.

Deliverable of this stage is the requirement traceability matrix.

#2 Test Planning

Key activities in this stage include:

  • Assigning roles and responsibilities.
  • Risk evaluation
  • Test tool selection
  • Cost analysis.

Deliverables of this stage are effort estimation documents and test plan strategy documents to identify what we are testing, how and what are our outcomes.

#3 Test Case Development

At this stage, our team prepares and reviews test cases automation scripts and creates test data. Obviously, deliverables here are test cases & scripts and test data.

#4 Test Environment Setup

Once software build is deployed, we execute:

  • Environment setup
  • Software and hardware configuration
  • Smoke test execution.

As a result, we get the environment ready with test data set up and smoke test results.

#5 Test Execution

Testers carry out test script execution, test script maintenance and bug reporting. In case of bugs, the build is moving back to the development team, after bug fixing, we carry out regression testing. Deliverables of test execution are completed RTM with the execution status, test cases updated and defect reports.

#6 Test Cycle Closure

This is about measuring results. So, we conduct:

  • Test results analysis
  • Evaluation of test coverage, quality, costs, time and objectives criteria
  • Preparation of the final report.

Deliverables of the final phase are test closure reports and test metrics.

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