B.O.T Model

Our Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model offers a practical solution for executing your product roadmap without needing to contract out your software development. In a matter of weeks, we can establish specialized software development teams in Vietnam. These teams seamlessly integrate into your company and can eventually transition completely.

Our BOT Model Has Three Phases


We understand your requirements and choices, then we select candidates from our large talent pool. You hold the final decision-making power in team formation and approving each engineer, while we establish the foundation for your development center.


We skillfully manage and oversee your software development center to high standards, allowing you to concentrate on your technology roadmap and essential business activities.


When the time is right, you have the option to take full legal control of the entire development center, including its premises, equipment, and technical staff such as Development Managers, Software Engineers, and Product Owners, as well as all current operational and support staff. This choice allows you to swiftly achieve complete independence.

Main Advantages

B.O.T Model

We simplify the establishment of a new company and guide you through foreign regulations, enabling quick commencement of operations. We build flexible and versatile software development teams that smoothly fit into your current workflow. Explore further benefits.
Drawing on our extensive experience in establishing and overseeing thriving software development centers in Vietnam, we mitigate risks at every stage. Our local teams handle all legal, administrative, and recruitment responsibilities, while we collaborate with trusted local vendors to establish the infrastructure for your dedicated office.
Our B.O.T model attracts top developers by providing long-term career prospects in a global setting. It offers a route to permanent employment with firms investing in the area. Our emphasis on advanced training schemes and chances to visit other offices contributes to our excellent retention rates.
Functioning as an R&D hub, it fosters innovation, experimentation, and the introduction of new products, services, and features, aiding in maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Our B.O.T structures and procedures are tailored to suit your specific requirements while incorporating our industry-leading practices.
Our development teams use only the tools, processes, and accounts you supply or authorize. You retain full control over your data and intellectual property (IP). After the transfer phase, the B.O.T becomes your subsidiary, guaranteeing that all proprietary information stays securely within your organization.
Our development teams use only the tools, processes, and accounts approved by you. You maintain complete control over your data and intellectual property (IP). Following the transfer phase, the B.O.T evolves into your subsidiary, ensuring that all proprietary information stays securely within your organization.

We align our teams with your vision and strategy from the outset, seamlessly integrating them into your daily operations. Together, we foster an international work environment that reflects your company culture and values. This approach fosters teams with a strong sense of ownership and improved performance.

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