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6 Reasons to Outsource Software Development in 2022

Table of Contents
Reasons to Outsource Software Development

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Today, let’s talk about 6 reasons why businesses should outsource their software development in 2022.

Businesses trying to develop an ambitious idea into an app, website or other software products and technologies, need a team of developers to make it happen. But do you hire in-house or outsource your software needs to realize your ambitions?

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose outsourcing reason:

#1 Hiring developers is not easy

You need to carry out a lengthy process of finding and recruiting a team of specialists from front-end and back-end developers to scrum masters, product managers, cyber security personnel, QA engineers and a list of other roles depending on what your product requires.

Depending on the demand, you might even have to train your own resources especially when you need to build expertise in emerging tools and technologies. In the competitive IT market, it’s even harder to find all the skills you’re looking for locally. But with outsourcing, you have access to talent from across the world.

#2 In the IT industry, it’s even harder to maintain employees than it is to hire them

Even after all the hassles of hiring things might not work out when there are plenty of opportunities for high salaries and better opportunities for the best talents. Your entire workflow can be disrupted when a key employee leaves the team and you face the troubles of finding and onboarding a new recruit.

In an industry with low employee life cycles, outsourcing firms are experts in keeping your outsourced team happy and making sure there are always backup employees to fill in positions when the need arises.

#3 Save time and money

It’s costly enough to go on a hiring campaign, but it’s also necessary to facilitate your in-house team with devices, equipment and office space. You also need to pay tax, provide insurance, training, maintain security, and compliance.

There are a lot of costly and time-consuming factors involved when you’re building your own in-house team, you don’t need to worry about any of those expenses when an outsourcing firm handles all of this for you at a fixed rate. This allows you to freely focus on your core competencies and grow your business.

#4 Efficient and flexible resource management

Software development is an extensive process where many different resources pass down their responsibilities in a valid chain of tasks. They don’t all work on the same project at the same time, so many members have to wait around while others get their parts done. So ask yourself this: Can you really afford to keep all of your employees around even if they don’t have any meaningful tasks at hand?

It’s quite difficult to find the right talent when you need them, but with outsourcing, you can get the right specialists you need, when you need them without any waste of valuable resources. This means that you can flexibly get work done from development to deployment to maintenance of your software product.

#5 Outsourcing is much cheaper

A lot of high-income countries like the USA and UK outsource their software needs to low and middle-income countries like Nepal, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and others – where everything is a lot more cost effective. Whether it’s lower rent or living costs you can always get more value at a lower price range, including a full-fledged software development team.

#6 Advancements in remote work

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, there was much skepticism regarding remote work but the sudden need for social distancing due to health concerns have opened new doors for businesses in terms of confidence in remote teams and the lucrative potential they unlock.

In recent years remote working technologies processes and frameworks have greatly evolved under pandemic conditions, further promoting the viability of outsourcing, these are some of the main perks of outsourcing.

We hope this blog was helpful to you in understanding the difference between outsourcing and in-house software development. This article was prepared by the EZtek team. EZtek helps top brands worldwide to innovate and accelerate digital transformation. We provide world-class enterprise software engineering, design and technology consulting services.


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