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Monolith Vs Microservices Architecture

Table of Contents
Monolith Vs Microservices Architecture

As one of the earliest adopters of Microservices Architecture, we have been watching it progress from an emerging trend to a leading approach.

In this article, we will cover the main advantages of Monolithic Architecture vs Microservices along with their challenges and use cases.

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What is a Monolith Architecture?

The Monolith means having a single code base and data layer for the entire application. The architecture includes the following components:

  • User interface responsible for the interface
  • Business logic responsible for interactions between business objects and methods in which they are handled
  • Data layer defines the rules and methods used for storing, processing and transferring the data.

When is a Monolithic Architecture used?

  • A small team is working on the project for a long period of time
  • The app is small
  • Reduce budget: the speed of delivery and low costs.


It’s intuitive during the development process and it can be built by a small team.


  • All features and layers are tightly connected. If there’s an issue with one component, the entire code base can be compromised
  • Decreased reusability
  • Low scalability
  • Complicated testing and maintenance.

Microservices Architecture

Here, the code is broken down into independent modules where each feature is a standalone service.


  • Microservices are independent and isolated
  • Developers can even use different tech stacks to create them
  • Microservices are organized around business processes
  • You can use different hardware and databases.

It’s common to use cloud and serverless computing for microservice architecture. We believe AWS is a leading solution. Don’t you agree?

When Do We Use Microservices?

  • When we need high scalability
  • Project developers use different tech stacks
  • The company wants to build clean code right now
  • We prioritize long-term gains over short-term benefits.


  • There is no need to understand the entire code base
  • Isolation: Micro services communicate with each other but aren’t dependent.
  • Scalability
  • Efficiency

It is well suited for outsourcing projects.


  • Teams need to change mindset for better communication
  • The functionality needs to be modularized
  • Different tech stacks make automation challenging
  • Communication and data transfers between Microservices require additional computing power.

Distinctions between Monolith VS Microservices

#1 Ease of Development

Monolithic Architecture is easier to develop in the first stages while Microservices are easily tested and updated.

#2 Costs

A Monolithic Architecture is a cheaper solution in the short run while Microservices are better at the enterprise level.

#3 Time Expenses

  • With a Monolithic Architecture, a project is faster in the first stages but you’ll have difficulties in scaling.
  • Microservices represent the opposite time distribution curve.

#4 Development Skills

Building a Monolith, a team heavily depends on the expertise of individual members. Microservices main difficulties are combining standalone services. 

It makes sense to choose the right software development methodology to organize the most efficient process.

#5 Maintenance

  • When you maintain a Monolithic Structure, you need to focus on keeping the codebase clean and tech debt free.
  • With Microservices, developers are focused on managing containers.

#6 Data Storage

  • Monolithic Architecture handles data storage and processing at the level of a data layer.
  • In Microservices, each service is responsible for managing its data.

#7 Use Cases

Monolithic applications are a go-to solution for small teams who work under time constraints and a limited budget while Microservices need more costs and time at the first development stages. To choose between the two architectures, contact an expert development team who will analyze your concept and pick the best fitting solution.

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