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Is React Fast? | Angular vs React vs Vue Performance

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Today, we are talking about one of the fastest web development frameworks. Guess what? It’s ReactJS! Read this article to learn how its performance compares to other Angular and Vue.

Well, at EZtek we prefer to conduct as much research and evaluation as possible before choosing a technology. Performance speed is the crucial choice factor, keep reading to find out why we think React is fast.

Why is React performance better than other frameworks?

#1 Virtual DOM

It is a virtual representation of the document object model. React synchronizes it with the actual DOM, the main purpose of the virtual dom is to optimize the update process.

So why does it make React fast? The reason is the amount of changed information, rather than wasting time on updating the entire page, you can divide it into small elements and interactions. Virtual DOM is definitely the most important factor that contributes to React performance.

#2 Reusing Components

React has self-contained components that can be easily integrated and reused to save development time. For projects like enterprise platforms, it becomes vitally important. The end performance, obviously, becomes better as well.

#3 Fast UI Frameworks and Libraries

Businesses use React to build a simple and interactive user experience. Why so? Because a minimalist UI definitely increases the speed of React-based sites.

Let’s review React performance compared to other frameworks

We have defined Angular and Vue as the two other leaders on the market. Keep reading to compare ReactJS performance to them.

React vs AngularJS

#1 Size

  • Codebase size influences the final performance of the codebase. React compared to Angular is a small library you have a lot more freedom and not that many required components. Angular on the other hand, has a stricter structure and a lot of associated components.
  • If you know how to organize the application in the most efficient way, React will likely be a faster option. For less experienced developers, Angular might save some more time in the long run.
    Still, we would say React performance is overall faster.

#2 Performance

The speed of basic operations doesn’t differ much in Angular and React. Angular is slightly faster in memory allocation, however, this difference will be noticeable in big projects. For small products, Angular just might be too big.

VueJS vs ReactJS

#1 Size

React’s code is smaller and therefore lighter. However, VueJS might be easier to navigate and edit. Therefore, the final speed depends on the quality of the code base. With Vue, you get a slightly bigger bundle of the core code because there are more default features. However, this difference is barely noticeable in real world production.

The bottom line here is that both Vue and Angular are fast frameworks. Although they are bigger than React, this increased functionality has advantages like more possibilities and clearer structure. When you choose between Vue and Angular and React, we advise comparing philosophy, core concepts, functionality and ecosystem.

How to optimize React apps

Evaluating Flawed Components

We advise using Google dev tools and React dev tools to see the highlights and create diagrams with the components that don’t perform well.


By rendering items gradually, you distribute the CPU resources and increase the performance.

Solving the over rendering issue

It appears when React renders more components than it has to, pure components and hooks are the strategies to deal with this problem.

Using a state manager

It will let you control the CPU consumption and avoid over-rendering unnecessary features. The solution is to use libraries such as Redux or MobX to connect props to the specific components.

Instruments that optimize React performance

React Dev Tools

React development tools provide information on whether you’re using the right builds and components during execution. They will also alert you when you hit performance threshold and even provide insights on how to fix it.

Chrome Dev Tools

They allow you to see the performance of the website in the browser. They give you reports from the perspective of a user, so the key to maintaining the high performance and speed of ReactJS is constant monitoring.

This article was prepared by the EZtek team, we provide software development, UI/ UX design and testing services to top brands worldwide. Thank you for reading our Blog, we share our experience of using different web development frameworks, so follow us not to miss a single article.


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