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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage – What Does It Mean?

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Today, we are talking about HIPAA compliant cloud storage. Read this article to know which providers we at EZtek select for your projects. On our channel, we share thoughts on recent developments in the tech industry. Follow us so you don’t miss new articles.

What is HIPAA?

What Are The Requirements for HIPAA Compliant Cloud?

Well, when choosing storage options for your healthcare platform, the first step to take is to examine HIPAA safeguards such as:


Technical safeguards include secure data transmission, controlled access and system integrity.


Physical safeguards focus on controlling hardware such as device protection and facility access.


Administrative safeguards include assessment of the cloud, staff management and training, data access management and predicting, crisis and damage.

The Best HIPAA Compatible Cloud Vendors

As an enterprise development team, EZtek often connects our clients to reliable cloud vendors. So, here’s our take on the best solutions.

AWS Cloud

To implement HIPAA required settings, users can deploy a quickstart feature that deploys a safe HIPAA compatible environment.


Dropbox business complies with HIPAA requirements and offers legal documentation for extending cloud security. Dropbox business allows to:

  • Configure sharing permissions
  • Permanent deletions
  • Monitoring account activity
  • Safe third-party integrations.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers rich additional functionality for managing electronic health records and provides detailed guidance for establishing security best practices. In particular, the list of available services includes:

  • Access management features
  • AI platform
  • Natural language processing and translation features
  • Cloud tasks
  • Video catalog and others.

Microsoft Onedrive

The entire Onedrive is HIPAA compliant. However, the vendor doesn’t offer elaborate templates for creating increasingly safe infrastructure. 

Users only store Microsoft cloud services to store data, taking full responsibility of its safety and integrity.


This cloud platform emphasizing efficient data backup and data loss protection, It is among the most affordable HIPAA compliant cloud solutions. The responsibility for setting up a secure workflow lies on the healthcare institution. However, the carbonite team provides additional tools and guarantees:

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • All backed up files are encrypted
  • Compatibility with other strict data regulations.

So, which of these providers do you think is the best one?

How to Start A HIPAA Compliant Cooperation?

  1. Sign the business associate agreement with the vendor. The agreement holds the cloud service accountable for the breach.
  2. Determine the access permissions for the cloud vendor.
  3. Assess vendor’s compliance on your own.
  4. Communicate with your business associate’s security experts.
  5. Make sure the vendor onboards you with detailed guides and policies for using a HIPAA compliant database.
  6. Check their HIPAA training.
  7. Verify your vendor’s security protections.
  8. Check their contingency plan.
  9. Make sure that your vendor is financially stable, has no history of power outages and information deletion.
  10. Each agreement must have a clause that describes the conditions for terminating the cooperation and retrieving your data.

Well, choosing the right vendor is a long-term investment that defines the safety of your organization.

This article was prepared by the EZtek team. 

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