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Full-Stack Developer – Key Skills, Popular Tech Stacks

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Today, we are talking about the Full-stack developer role. Read this article to find out the basic skill set of a Full-stack developer at EZtek. On our channel, we share thoughts on recent developments in the tech industry, follow us not to miss new articles.

What is Full-stack Development?

Full-stack development refers to the work process whereby one individual creates the front end and the back end of a web app or website. A Full-stack developer holds a lot of power in a team of web developers.

So, among the necessary skills, we define:

  • Design skills
  • Database building and management
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript knowledge.
  • Knowledge of at least one back-end programming language such as PHP, Java, Javascript, C-sharp,…
  • Work with the version control system like Git, SVN,…

What are Full-stack Developers’ responsibilities?

  • Developing Front-end architecture: A Full-stack developer is expected to develop and update the Front-end architecture regularly.
  • Developing websites and applications user interactions: Full-stack developers need to keep up with modern UX standards within their industry and those of their clients.
  • Involvement in entire project cycles: A Full-stack developer also works closely with a project manager and product manager to plan projects.
  • Writing maintainable and reusable code
  • Implement a programming code
  • Write logistics and functionalities
  • Design and develop APIs
  • Ensure site responsiveness and optimization.

Most Popular Tech Stacks Among Full-stack Developers


MERN Stack is a convenient Javascript stack for aspiring Full-stack developers. This stack supports both the front and back end of web apps and is made up of four main platforms:

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • MongoDB.


In the MEAN Stack, Angular replaces React. The MEAN stack applications are flexible and scalable, further cementing its position as a fan favorite in the development community number.


Discussions about tech stacks, regularly mention the LAMP model because it is cost effective and flexible. So, you can use it without sacrificing performance. LAMP is an acronym for four stack layers, it means:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • PHP and
  • MySQL

#4 Ruby on Rails

This environment has a programming language known as Ruby, it is easy to adopt. As a server-side web application written in Ruby, will not need as much expertise as the one written in another programming language. You can create user interfaces with Ruby on rails, CSS, Javascript and HTML while using Json and XML for data representation and transfer.

So when to hire a Full-stack developer instead of a team of Front-end and Back-end experts?

In our opinion, you need to hire a Full-stack developer if:

  • You have a limited budget for product development
  • You need someone to turn a minimum viable product into a fully functional product.

Before hiring professionals seeking Full-stack developer jobs, you need to know how much you will have to pay them. An average Full-stack developer earns between $105.000 and $108.000 annually in the US. The role of Full-stack developers is as dynamic as it is interesting.

Many companies recruit these professionals to control various aspects of their projects and what do you think if you’re required to hire such a specialist?This article was prepared by the EZtek team. EZtek helps top brands worldwide to innovate and accelerate digital transformation. We provide world-class enterprise software engineering, design and technology consulting services.


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