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Flutter By Google – Pros & Cons | What Is Dart?

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In this article, we precisely want to focus on Flutter – UI software development kit created by Google. There is a lot of controversial information, so we in EZtek decided to share our own experience. Follow us for more articles about popular tools and software development.

What is Flutter?

Basically, Flutter is a software development kit, used to develop a native user interface for Android and iOS.
The main selling point of Flutter is its simplicity, the platform offers:

  • An intuitive interface
  • A library of elements and instruments and
  • A lot of templates.

To develop with Flutter, you will use a programming language called Dart, its syntax is similar to Javascript. The structure of Flutter is broken down into three layers:

  • Framework: handling app widgets, gestures, animation, illustrations
  • Flutter engine: responsible for text display
  • Embedder: for managing plugins, packages,…

How does it compare to other similar SDKs?

  • Flutter doesn’t use Javascript.
  • There is no need to add native components
  • Flutter uses declarative programming similar to React Native, the code weighs less and is faster to write.

How Flutter works?

In Flutter, UI are represented as widgets. Widgets are rendered onto a canvas and sent to the platform, the platform displays the canvas and sends events back to the app. 

Flutter renders every view’s components using its own engine, mobile applications use native device APIs to coordinate GPS data, get access to contacts and messages, work with a camera, recorder, bluetooth and others.

What is Dart?

Dart is a language designed specifically for UI development by Google. The language is based on three key principles:

  • UI specific: Dart was created with user interface development in mind which is why it removes many unnecessary details from the syntax.
  • Hot reload: Developers can instantly see the results of their work.
  • Multi-platform compliance.

Why use Flutter?

#1 Fast Mobile UI

Flutter supports hot reload, a feature that allows developers to update their code in real time and see the results right away

#2 It’s perfect for MVP Development

  • Flutter allows building native interfaces without preparing two apps
  • Even a single developer can assemble a simple interface
  • The app looks and feels native
  • Personalization as Flutter lets teams build unique designs.

#3 Flexibility and Scalability

All elements have a clear hierarchical structure, considering EZtek’s experience, we know that as projects grow, developers can still keep track of the interface elements easily.

What about the challenges of working with Flutter?

#1 Different from typical UI development experience

Dart is inspired by Javascript which definitely makes the learning easier but it’s still a new language.

#2 Performance Drops

If you are building a complex interface with platform views, the performance will drop instantly.

#3 Rewriting Instant State

If the app’s activity stops, Flutter doesn’t conserve the data for it anymore. This is why most Flutter apps are one screen.

#4 Long Run Executions

If the app has to be closed, everything has to be restarted again, blocking activities on a regular basis is a recipe for terrible user experience.

#5 Random Crashes

Most technical issues arise when an application needs to connect to native API or run complex processes.

#6 Built-in Widgets are not so ready to use

Even the most common Flutter widgets require customization, it’s often easier to write code from scratch for more advanced functionality rather than use a built-in generic version.

All in all we think the concept of Flutter is great, you can build apps both for iOS and Android while getting a fully native performance.

Obviously, Flutter isn’t perfect for every project. We don’t recommend using it for highly detailed interfaces or for handling complex operations.

This article was prepared by the EZtek team. We provide software development, UI/ UX design and testing services to companies worldwide. We are preparing an article on our experience and comparison of Javascript vs Typescript, interested why Typescript may be game changing, make sure you follow us not to miss it.


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