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Figma VS Sketch | How To Make A Choice

Table of Contents

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Today, we are comparing Figma and Sketch. As you know, both of them are UI design tools. Which one is better? Read this article to find out!

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Figma and Sketch Comparison

#1 Platform Support

Well, while Figma is a web-based tool and works in browsers, Sketch is a desktop app available only to Mac users.

#2 Plugin Options

Sketch is dependent on third-party plugins and has tons of them, these extensions significantly improve its functionality and performance. By contrast to Sketch, Figma was launched with no plugins at all, but now has made some useful ones available to the Figma community.

#3 Prototype Design Features

Both Figma and Sketch have native prototyping capabilities and we think it’s fair to say that these two design tools are evenly matched in this category.

#4 Teamwork Functionality

Figma was certainly built to support teamwork with seamless real-time collaboration between team players. Unfortunately, Sketch has no native collaboration feature.

What do you think? Could the global pandemic and the increase in remote work have contributed to the massive switch to Figma?

#5 Vector Networks

In Sketch, designers can only link points to each other. Figma offers vector networks and allows playing around with the geometry of objects.

Similarities between Sketch and Figma

  • Features
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • User interfaces.


Varying terminologies:

  • Sketch calls Symbols, Figma calls Components.
  • Sketch says Artboards, Figma says Frames
  • Sketch labeled its right panel properties while Figma labeled its inspector but they both have the same function.

Figma offers a wider platform support, better collaboration and comments features. Though it does have a drawback, offline mode is available for open projects only.
Also, Figma offers a free plan while Sketch provides a 30-day trial, everything else is the same for both tools.

How can you make a choice?

Both Sketch and Figma are powerful tools for both beginner and professional designers. Go for Sketch if you need offline work and definitely choose Figma if you need real-time collaboration between large teams of designers. At EZtek, designers can work both in Sketch and Figma and they use both of them depending on a particular project.

This Blog was prepared by the EZtek team, EZtek helps top brands worldwide to innovate and accelerate digital transformation. We provide world-class enterprise software engineering, design and technology consulting services.


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