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6 Best NodeJS Frameworks For Developer In 2022

Table of Contents
Best NodeJS Frameworks For Developer

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It takes experience to select the fitting framework for a particular task. Read this article till the end to learn about 6 best NodeJS frameworks we prefer using on our projects. As a software development company, we share our tips and industry insights, so make sure you follow us for more great content.

How to choose the best framework?


The framework shouldn’t limit us in possible ways of executing the project.


Believe us, you want a framework with an actively contributing community and educational materials.


This point is subjective for each project. We have selected our favorites to give you an idea, so our ideal framework needs to have:

  • Support of declarative programming
  • Cluster management
  • Middleware support to optimize the app functionality
  • Batch support: we prefer frameworks that let us access the same databases and APIs caches regardless if they are currently running.

Best NodeJS Frameworks

#1 ExpressJS

The most popular one used by Twitter, Uber and BlahBlahCar, we recommend using it for dynamic content for its ability to store files in the browser.


  • Easy route handling with URLs and HTTP protocol.
  • Support of middleware and multiple template engines.
  • It works well with both static and dynamic content.
  • Easily integrates with SQL and NoSQL databases.

#2 MeteorJS

It is known for a very clear structure, Meteor is used by Mazda, Deloitte, Brainhub.


  • It’s speed
  • Smart packages: A single command can be used to connect multiple features.
  • Small codebase
  • It’s a Hybrid and cross-platform framework
  • It allows developing both Front-end and Back-end for the app.
  • It’s easy to integrate with Angular, Vue and React.

We go for Meteor when we need to get the project off the ground quickly.

#3 KoaJS

Koa is one of the simplest NodeJS frameworks out there. It is used by Brainhub, Bulb, Gapo.


  • KoaJS doesn’t use callbacks unlike Express for instance.
  • It has easier error handling
  • Many express packages and libraries are translated to Koa.
  • Koa offers a lightweight approach to development

On our projects, we don’t use Koa for enterprise projects but it is a good choice for startups.

#4 NestJS

NestJS architecture was inspired by Angular, developers who worked with Angular will master NestJS easily. In fact, NestJS is chosen by Adidas, Autodesk and others.


  • Integrated with other NodeJS frameworks
  • Has ready to use patterns
  • Well structured
  • Has a quickly growing community
  • Boasts fast performance.

#5 Hapi

We consider Hapi a security focused Node framework. Code quality and verification are prioritized over extensive functionality.


  • It doesn’t require middleware to perform many tasks
  • An inbuilt algorithm for cookie files
  • High performance, stability and security.
  • Flexible RSS memory
  • Suitable for Microservice development.

#6 TotalJS

TotalJS now combines the functionality of the platform and library. It is used by Medium, Capital One, Trello.


  • Computing services
  • Support of cloud deployment
  • Active community
  • Support of classical and dynamic routes.

We do use many more NodeJS frameworks but the ones we mentioned are our favorites. You are always welcome to talk to our team to get a third opinion on the project’s tech stack. We provide software development, UI/ UX design, QA and testing as well as consulting services. We love sharing our insights on this Blog channel, so follow us not to miss our new articles.


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