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Beacon Technology | Using Beacons In Proximity Marketing

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Today we are talking about Beacon technology. Read this article to know how it works. Stay till the end to see amazing Beacons use cases. On our channel, we share top insights in the tech industry, follow us not to miss new articles.

What is Beacon Technology and How does it work?

Beacons are low-cost wireless transmitters that use bluetooth low energy technology to transmit signals to other devices nearby.

You won’t believe it but beacons enable a more accurate location within a narrow range than GPS. Keep reading to know which environments they can be used in.

Types of Beacon

#1 Standard Beacon

A small computer, roughly the size of a wi-fi router.

#2 Portable/ Small Beacon

A small handy device typically the same size as a standard credit card or a large sticker.

#3 USB Beacon

A small portable device, roughly the size of a flash drive.

#4 Video Beacon

An interface transmitter plugged into the back of a screen to deliver personalized content.

#5 AI Beacon

Used to record, analyze and store interactions between the screen and the user.

#6 Parent Beacon

A large size device used to track other beacons, coordinate and store all the data.

#7 Dedicated Beacon

The most durable type of beacons.They are resistant to extreme environmental conditions.

We can also classify Beacons by their type of Beacon Protocol. There are two main types: Ibeacons and Eddystone beacons


Ibeacon is the first beacon protocol in the market created by Apple. Ibeacon works with iOS and Android.

The beacon using the ibeacon protocol transmits a so-called UUID. The UUID is a string of 24 numbers which communicate with an installed mobile app.

Ibeacon Advantages:

  • Widely supported
  • Simple and easy to implement
  • Reliable performance on iOS.


Created by Google, Beacons with support from Eddystone work with both iOS and Android.
A single beacon can transmit one, two or all three frame types.

The three frame types are:
#1 One a URL
#2 UID similar to Apple’s UUID – a 16 digit string of characters which can identify the individual beacon.
#3 TLM sensor and administrative data from the beacon itself are communicated through telemetry. Currently examples include the beacon’s battery level and its temperature.

The Eddystone’s advantages:

  • It can also send out URLs – which removes the necessity of installed apps.
  • Transmit telemetry information
  • Open format and flexibility
  • Integration with google products.

How are Beacons used in real life?

Beacons in retail

Beacons generally help retail businesses streamline their operations and build a loyal customer following.
Retailers place beacons around the store, beacons connect to the customer’s smartphone and send the signal to the phone to open the app. As a result, the customer gets information.

For instance, the shopping mall in Denmark uses an app to set up an indoor treasure hunt, keeping kids entertained while their parents are shopping in the mall. Another good example is the hypermarket Auchan which decided to use beacons which allow the customers to navigate through the store with the help of an indoor map.

Beacons and Food service

We like the example of Italian alcohol brand Martini – which created a smart cube. It is based on an Ibeacon technology that sends a bluetooth message to the bartender when the visitor’s glass hits a slurping point.

Beacons in Public Facilities

We mentioned the RailWire project. Google launched it with the purpose to roll out free and high-speed wi-fi spots at 100 railway stations across India.

Pros and Cons of using Beacon Technology


  • Cost efficiency
  • Easy deployment
  • Proximity marketing
  • Reliability
  • Easy implementation.


  • Users may reject notifications
  • A mobile app is a must
  • Creating effective proximity marketing is not easy.

However, we believe that it is worth investing in beacons for business needs.
This article was prepared by the EZtek team. We provide software development, UI/ UX design, QA and testing services to top brands worldwide. Thank you for reading this article.


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