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B2B Services Review And Rating Platforms

Table of Contents
Rating review platform

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Today, we are talking about the best B2B services review and rating platforms. Read this article to know how to find honest reviews on your provider and gain more confidence in your choice. On our channel, we share thoughts on recent developments in the tech industry, follow us not to miss new Blogs.


It is an independent review platform that names software development companies and allows organizations to rate their vendors based on scores given by clients and individuals the platform rates the vendor.

Criteria of Evaluation

  • The client reviews
  • A field of focus and
  • Location.


We can say that it is one of the most recognized technology innovation awards out there. To get featured on the website, the company has to go through a careful application, provide multiple insights on the company and prove everything with reviews and cases. Most ratings are released annually.

Criteria of Evaluation

  • The company’s capacity, such as hourly rates, people in the team, the average cost of the product, business focus,…
  • Tech review rating
  • Listings where the company is featured
  • Major clients.


It is the biggest and most well-known evaluation platform for B2B vendors. Multiple clients have contacted our team after looking at our Clutch page or finding us in one of the ratings.

Selection Criteria

  • Verifying client reviews, as they actively contact the authors of reviews and require a lot of materials to prove its validity.
  • Verified location
  • General service information
  • Field of expertise
  • Portfolio.


It is one of the biggest platforms that lists the best software and service providers. The official team is willing to consider companies not just by their profile quality but actually tech expertise and IT service practices.

#5 DesignRush

It’s highly regarded both by vendors and organizations mainly because the evaluation is based on incredibly detailed profiles. To get featured on DesignRush, the company has to submit a lot of information.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Detailed portfolio
  • Client reviews
  • Fields of expertise
  • Team bio.

#6 The Manifest

It is a maverick research and review platform that emphasizes innovative practices, transparent management and employment service awards. Well, a profile on the Manifest is connected to Clutch and then additionally verified by the team.

Moderators examine Clutch score, reviews, presence, ratings and determine if the vendor is to be trusted or not.

So, here the profile is synchronized with Clutch, reviews are the main evaluation criteria.

For all vendors, we suggest carefully curating your profile on these platforms and adding as many customer reviews as you can. For those looking for a good vendor, we suggest starting by evaluating lists of trusted providers. Such tech platforms help clients to get an impartial perspective on the expertise as it’s based on validated reviews and positions of third-party experts and how do you usually conduct the process of vetting a vendor.

This article was prepared by the EZtek team. EZtek helps top brands worldwide to innovate and accelerate digital transformation. We provide world-class enterprise software engineering, design and technology consulting services.


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