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AWS Monitoring | Our List Of Tools

Table of Contents

Why do you need monitoring in Amazon Web Services?

Well, It lets you ensure that:

  • Your software is accessible to users 24/7.
  • Even minor downtimes and security issues are documented.
  • Performance and costs are tracked and can be edited in time.
  • You have analytics and insights on how to change the tech stack or development or testing approach.

What to monitor in Amazon Web Services?

#1 CPU Utilization

The tools for controlling EC2 engines perform a report on the consumed amount of CPU, the number of AWS credits and the worth of each instance.

#2 Network Utilization

You can track how much network an instance requires and how quickly it performs at a given period of time.

#3 Disk Performance

Amazon Web Services offers several types of disks and their performance is influenced by workload, instance and input output configuration.

#4 Disk Reads or Writes

You can confirm the status of the operations on all employed EBS volumes. Amazon supports monitoring for both reading and writing operations.

#5 Memory Utilization

You can track memory usage per instance, get updates on all collected metrics and logs.

Types of Amazon Web Services Monitoring Software

#1 Automated Monitoring

Automated monitoring tools are enabled by default, regardless of whether developers work with them or not. They provide such benefits as:

  • You can keep track of your software performance and data consumption
  • There is no need to perform additional calculations
  • Customization is simple.

#2 Manual Monitoring

Some tools require active user engagement and customization. They give you advantages such as:

  • Full control and customization
  • Ability to specify which insights you need
  • These tools are less expensive.

Tools for Automated Web Services Performance Monitoring

System Status Checks

This is the simplest tool to check if all instances are working smoothly and are available to the end user. The issues are detected automatically and communicated to the AWS official team.

Instance Status Checks

Instance Status Checks is similar to the previous tool. However, rather than taking a look at the entire system, it explores a single instance. Using instance status checks, you are able to detect issues like corrupted storage, memory issues, wrong hardware or network settings and kernel issues.

Amazon Cloudwatch Alarms

ACA lets developers run a specific metric automatically or compare several aspects with each other. It’s a useful tool for understanding how much your software states have evolved over time.

Amazon Cloudwatch Events

ACE can be used to program a response to a particular system change. The new state is seen as an event so the team’s job is to program a response. You do it once and AWS executes the action on a regular basis.

Amazon Cloudwatch Logs

Amazon Cloudwatch Logs allow users to manage all their logs and statistics in a single place. You can set conditions, computations, make dashboards and define constraints.

Cloudwatch Agent

Cloudwatch Agent analyzes your cloud and hybrid services. Runs them by specified metrics and reports the result.

AWS Management Pack

AWS Management Pack aggregates performance updates on all used amazon web services resources and services.

Tools for Amazon Web Services Cloud Monitoring

  • Amazon EC2 Dashboard allows getting in-depth statistics on the instance’s performance.
  • Also, you can use the manual functionality of Cloudwatch. Cloudwatch is the main AWS resource for monitoring. It has both automated and manual features. Along with default real-time features, Cloudwatch has a range of m

You can also use third-party AWS monitoring tools. We are excited to present a brief review of the EZtek team’s favorite aws monitoring instruments.

  • Grafana is an open source software used to visualize statistics, analytics, create alerts and collaborative dashboards.
  • Prometheus is an open source tool that monitors databases, performance reports to events and alerts teams when things go wrong.
  • Wavefront is a cloud-oriented analytical tool that creates graphs, tables and dashboards from Amazon Web Service metrics.
  • Zabbix is one of the most popular monitoring tools on the market, mainly due to its well done customization.
  • Metricly offers a lot of custom integrations with Amazon Web Services.

We hope our review was useful. This article was prepared by the EZtek team. EZtek helps top brands worldwide to innovate and accelerate digital transformation. We provide world-class enterprise software engineering, design and technology consulting services.


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