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AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Table of Contents

Modern technologies make our life more comfortable and you probably have no idea what technologies stand behind that. Have you ever thought of how fridges adjust temperatures themselves? How Siri works?

Cell phones, Houseware and cars have definitely become smarter thanks to such modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, all of these terms seem too complicated for non tech savvy users.

Let’s compare them to find out their major differences!

What is Artificial Intelligence

AI is an all-inclusive term but mostly refers to the human cognitive ability reproduced by machines. The truth is that we cannot adequately impart human intelligence to machines. When first introduced, AI systems took advantage of patterns to match and expert systems. Nowadays, AI powered machines can do a lot more. Our team, for instance, is widely using this technology on a variety of projects in retail, education, healthcare and other industries.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

We can name 3 types of Artificial Intelligence to support top business needs:

  • AI is used for data collection and analysis.
  • Artificial Intelligence is implemented for business automation.

Nowadays, most of the back-office administrative and financial activities can be easily automated, thanks to robotic process automation solutions.

AI is used for engagement with customers or employees. Natural language processing chatbots, smart agents and machine learning models power up lots of modern businesses.

What is Machine Learning?

The core idea of machine learning is that a machine learns from patterns on its own and doesn’t require any human intervention. For instance, online music streaming services like YouTube music or Apple music use ML based algorithms to decide which new song or singer to recommend.

What businesses can benefit from utilizing machine learning?

  • Machine learning is widely used in the banking sector.
  • Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft power up their voice assistants Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google assistant with Machine Learning models.
  • Amazon takes advantage of machine learning to recommend items to buyers. Facebook and Google use ML models to adjust what ads to show you based on your last search query or newsfeed.

What about Deep Learning?

It can be seen as a part of Machine Learning since it also uses data to learn how to solve problems or act in a particular situation. However, Deep learning powered machines can learn without using patterns, though you usually need sets of labeled data and quite a lot of training. Deep Learning combines computing power and neural networks, whereas Machine Learning takes advantage of algorithms. If we take a closer look at neural networks, we will see that they are based on the biology of our brains. The neural networks imitate the human decision making process and can learn, unlike standard Machine Learning models.

Where can we use Deep Learning?

Nowadays, researchers use deep learning for a vast array of things. Starting from simple pattern recognition to medical diagnosis and automatic language translation.

We just love the example of Google’s AlphaGo, it’s a computer program that plays the board game Go. Go isn’t one of the easy board games you would play with your kids. It needs sharp intellect and intuition, you might not believe it but in 2015, AlphaGo defeated the European go champion fan weight 5 to 0. This was the first time a computer go program had beaten a professional human player on a full-sized board without handicap.


All three notions are somehow interconnected and deal with massive amounts of data, the era of big data and modern technologies facilitate businesses to collect, analyze and use info constantly. All these factors created a new discipline, data science which occurred on the overlap between AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning.

So, which one of them is better? There isn’t a right answer if it concerns different business spheres.At EZtek, we employ all of them at different projects as a choice depends on the particular case. As a matter of fact, our team’s main priority is to develop cutting-edge software solutions to help solve business problems. Feel free to get in touch to leverage our expertise and build software solutions for your business from scratch. We provide software engineering, UI/UX design, testing and IT consulting services.


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