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10 Practical Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Your IT Team

Table of Contents

A poor IT department will also limit the ability to meet the needs of the market, extend the time to develop and release new products and services, while reducing customer satisfaction.

If you want to improve the performance of your IT team, it is very essential that you join it. Only then you can understand real difficulties that the team is facing up with, and have right solutions to help them.

Here’s how to help your IT development team to achieve succeed:

1. Have clear goals

Keeping members in the dark will be the way of killing their spirits. It is important that you inform everyone about the business situation and the work they are doing to guide people toward common goals of the software development company. They need to feel that they play a role in the success of the company.

IT leaders can start motivating team members by frankness. What is often overlooked is that bosses waste time talking around in general when they really just need to explain what is going on in the company and clearly show the reason why the project is significant.

Setting personal goals at least once per quarter and then reviewing them carefully is also important. To ensure that your team members are continually improving, the goals should include the training to develop skills on both technical and business.

2. Give your employees the tools they need to succeed

Equipping the developers with incomplete or outdated software will result in poor performance, which forces team members to waste time on monotonous tasks and prove detrimental to long-term success.

Automated tools will help replace boring jobs that require no skills and tech leads should consider using tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and Team City. It has never been so easier to automate IT operations today when most of the modern technologies built over the last 5 years have tools to monitor, manage and, in some cases, to correct errors.

3. Watch closely on KPIs

Performance indicators (KPIs) are important for monitoring IT productivity in general. However, many IT departments focus on the wrong indicators. Selecting right performance indicators is really important for your business in general, not just IT.

It is a good suggestion to attach important factors for success to the overall goals of the business, as well as the needs of stakeholders. This approach can ensure that many KPIs can also be used as key risk indicators (KRIs) to warn of IT management for the company.

4. Follow your team

Hard work is great. However, overwork will only bring frustration, mistake and reduced productivity. The best approach to addressing the overload is to ensure that it never happens. To prevent employees’ failure, there must be a reasonable schedule.

Other team building activities can also be beneficial. Having a small party for the staff to relax, taking a walk with your colleagues, having lunch together, stopping for a break, etc. – these simple actions can help promote a much friendlier team environment and have a positive impact on performance.

Fully well-prepared project plans and schedules also play an important role in preventing employees’ plummeting. All groups are often flooded with projects, budget deficits or unforeseen circumstances. This is probably one of the biggest failures in the tech lead career and it will always happen.

5. Help employees feel satisfied and valued

One of the managers’ best secrets is the art of setting goals -or the cascade goal. This technique is not new, but is an important principle in managing the operation of an organization.

A cascade goal is basically a method of analyzing and splitting big goals into many small goals that are suitable for members. The task of a manager is to describe the contributions their team members can make to achieve higher results. This allows each person to realize the value of the achievements and how their contribution affects the reality of the benefits.

6. Resist the temptation to micro-management

Like parents who have kids learning to ride a bike, most tech leads have to accept that their employees will stumble and learn by themselves.

Tech leads always say that they support empowerment, but often then they do the opposite and are quite fascist. It is a common reaction, but if they want to create a new culture, they have to show their ability to accept changes. The basic principle is that the leadership and management teams are involved in projects, but it is important that they allow their employees to be more influential in the project.

7. Encourage employees to expand and improve their knowledge

A successful tech lead will encourage employees by providing skills advancement opportunities. Giving team members the opportunity to attend professional conferences and events will not only bring them to new ideas and technology but also lift the spirit of the members in the group.

8. Consider new approaches

The strongest growth in IT activity is the emergence of new methods that bring business and IT teams closer. This often leads to simpler solutions that are more appropriate to the business process and easier to implement.

Organizations need to stop thinking about work as a machine by just taking advantage of some leverages. Instead, think holistically about the environment in which the IT teams and the vision of the job can be better communicated.

9. Use the latest proven management techniques

Many tech leads are advancing their role based on their technological knowledge. They tend to think of their employees as resources or management processes.

However, today we recognize the complexity of the operating environment and the power of individuals when empowered as well as the encouragement can actually solve problems. Accepting the transfer through management 3.0 and actually implementing it requires a lot of trust and courage from the leadership.

10. Consider trusted external opinions

Tech leads often face technology issues that they cannot see or fully appreciate the impact it has on the company. Having an outside eye can help identify these impacts, while providing insights into industry trends and tools, for optimal performance management.

IT consultants in Vietnam can start changing very quickly if they are empowered and self-managed and can seize opportunities. They can also realize that their leaders are trying to change the environment and will listen enthusiastically without any doubts.

Skillful and experienced IT development team at EZtek

Over the past 10 years, EZtek has spent a lot of time and effort in practicing different management approaches in order to go along with clients and ensure success. Our dedicated team can from start to end of the development process with remarkable ability to self-organize, cross-function and adapt to prompt changes.


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