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The Benefits of Meeting Your Offshore Development Team

Table of Contents

Outsourcing or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to an software outsourcing company in Vietnam is a smart option for well-established companies for several critical reasons. Vietnam software outsourcing is a good option for businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals through an offshore development team while reducing risks and maintaining a cost-savings approach.

When making the decision to outsourcing services and development centers, many factors are considered to make it efficient and effective for the business. Due to modern technology today, outsourcing software development team is not as difficult as it was in the past because through the internet you can easily stay connected with your outsourced team as there are many communication methods that you can use.

Though it is possible to build an effective online outsourcing channel and built good relationships over a long distance but meet your offshore team in person will bring you and your company the long term benefits. Let’s discuss some of the reasons on why you should meet your offshore dedicated team directly on the ground.

Benefits for potential and current clients

When you are a potential and current client, you could consider meeting your offshore software development team at two periods. The first period at which you could probably visit an outsourcing staff is during the selection process. While the second time at which you can meet, is after the selection when you have started working with the outsourcing team.

There are various benefits in meeting the remote team during the selection process and development process, and here are some of them.

Build mutual understanding

The foremost benefit for you when paying a visit to the offshore development team is that it helps you to build a mutual understanding and trust between your company and the outsourced staff you want to select.

It will empower you to build long term commitment as it is good to have long term relationships because it saves you from wasting your time and effort in knowing people any time you start a new project. Through meeting with the project manager and team members, you can share your goals, and they will help you in achieving them with their work.

Shape out working paths

Meeting with the outsourced team will help you to let them learn about your culture so that they can provide you work that meets your social and cultural standards. Similarly, you can expand your knowledge by learning about their culture when meeting them. This will eradicate any preconceived ideas about how each party plans to operate.

Helps in understanding and evaluation

Paying a visit in person and meeting the offshore dedicated team will help you to understand and evaluate them. Because you know that seeing people first-hand will give you more experience and knowledge about the software developer’s capabilities and strengths. It will enable you to learn and understand about their working style, software products and software development projects handling methodologies.

Boost the decision-making process

It’s hard to make decisions when you don’t know people you are going to work with. So, meeting them will help you in knowing them as persons, how they work as a dedicated offshore team, what engineering practices they have, and how they do work. This will help you in making the right decisions that will benefit your business.

Help in dealing paperwork

Long-distance paperwork can become quite tedious to handle, so it is good to meet in person with your outsourced development team to deal with it effectively.

Team building

The important aspect of paying a visit to the outsourced staff after you have made your selection and have begun working with them is team building. As when you meet the people in person, you understand them better both at personal and professional level. Through this team building element, the people on both sides will get motivated to work together in a better way. 

Another positive aspect of getting to know each other on a personal level is that it helps to alleviate the cultural or personal gaps that may have arisen and this ultimately helps in making a good working team.

Benefits to the offshore dedicated team

Not only the visit will be beneficial for the clients; it will also be a great benefit to the offshore dedicated team when the client takes effort to meet them on the ground. Here are some good aspects of visiting your outsourced development team.

A better understanding of work

When you visit your offshore development team, it will make them understand your business in a much better way because you are there to explain to them about your business, you can answer the question they have and clear any misunderstanding. Through this, they can properly and effectively evaluate and manage the project requirements and can deliver their best work.

Facilitates in knowing a lot

Meeting your offshore team in person will allow them in knowing the client’s short and long term strategies. This facilitates the outsourced staff in following the correct steps and procedures that will help them to adhere to your desired direction and goals. In short words, it will help them to meet your demands.

Help in learning

Meeting with clients without any doubt allows offshore development teams to simply learn more about your business. This will help them to understand business practices and make themselves better as a dedicated development team overall. It will also enable them to learn something new and exciting. It gives opportunities and provides a way to share new solutions and technologies, thus, helping them to grow by discovering new trends that are emerging in the worldwide markets.


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