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MVP App Development – Lean and Agile Way of Development

Table of Contents

What is MVP development process?

In mobile app development, MVP (Minimum-Viable Product) is a primitive form of your product where you create an app with a minimum set of features that are core to the function & design. The idea behind launching an MVP is to determine the user’s feedback in order to improve the quality of the product.

To sum up, MVP is a great way to determine the product’s potential in the market. basically an initial version of a product is released, which provides maximum value with minimum functionality. We begin by validating a product idea, receive invaluable user feedback, and based on that we improve the quality of the product before the final launch.

Some of the major advantages of MVP are:

  1. Requires less money for product development
  2. Reduces business risks.
  3. Faster delivery of a product.
  4. Easy to enter the market.
  5. You get valuable feedback from target users before launching a final product.
  6. Demands less investment.

Start from the basics

Even though an MVP has fewer features, you still have to take the right steps before the development process. So, let’s see the necessary steps to take before the MVP app development process.

Get a Clear Idea

The first thing to do is to identify and understand business and market needs,  it’s better to know whether there is a need for your product or not? Try to focus on solving a specific user problem. Build trust with your target audience and understand what your audience wants. It’s also important to analyze your competition and try to be a step ahead of your competitors. This will help you determine what kind of app you need to be successful.

Conduct Market Research

Market research is a vital component when developing a product. Conducting research and analyzing based on user interactions provides great insights into your business, in order to make a better business decision. It can help you identify gaps in customer expectations. This is beneficial information to have when completing your product. Having good knowledge of wider markets will definitely help to minimize risks when making key business decisions.

Decide What Features To Include

Selecting features is a challenging task, as it can be tough to determine exactly what features will deliver the best value to your customer and provide an exceptional experience. Keep in mind, implementing too many requested features from users can sabotage the user experience and take away the overall purpose of the product. The important thing to remember is that you should include only those features that align with the objectives of your MVP.

Minimum viable product + agile = successful MVP mobile app development

Any business in the start is unprofitable at the initial stage. To earn, the company needs to scale up and gain more customers. When developing a software product, from the very beginning focus on solving a specific user problem recognize your mistakes and build trust with your target audience and always try to make the right decisions. This is why MVP in Agile product development is so important. Nowadays, most of the software development companies use the Agile methodology for the development process. it allows continuous development and testing with each iteration throughout the project. Its main purpose is to deliver a quality product and meet customer satisfaction.


There is a great book by Eric Ries called “Lean Startup”, which is worth your while. MVP to the rescue! According to the Lean Startup concept by Eric Ries, a successful business creation process starts with a question “Is there any need for my product?”. MVP in Agile development is not aimed at launching a product for less money or resources’ but on minimizing risks by focusing on customers, gathering their feedback, and thus iterating on it. MVP is a prototype version of a new product possessing only essential features to satisfy customers and collect maximum data about their opinions in order to improve the quality of the product.

Where can you find companies for MVP app development?

There are lots of ways you can search to hire a perfect partner to work on your app. The first thing to try is:

  1. An offshore or onshore  mobile development company
  2. B2B directories like Clutch, Upcity, GoodFirms
  3. Freelance websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork.
  4. Dev blogs and communities like Medium, Github, Behance or Dribble.
  5. You can also choose for staff augmentation services

What will it cost me?

There’s no proper answer to “How much does it cost for developing MVP?” Paying the right money for your developers can be challenging if you are not familiar with the market trends of the app development workspace. To avoid the tiresome task of looking for freelance developers and understand the associated costs of hourly rates, benefit plans, and more, we recommend that you hire app developers directly from an App Development Company. The cost for MVP app development is very hard to estimate and  it varies based on different factors. A freelancer would charge around $1k to $10k  while a mobile development company would charge around $10k to $30k for an app prototype, it all depends on the scope of work and hourly rate. even different MVP apps are charged with different rates based on their design & functionality.

Wrapping Up

When you decide to build the user-interactive and market competitive mobile application, you should definitely consider our MVP development services. EZtek is a professional software development company that has successfully applied this approach to many customers. Discuss your idea with us and we will be glad to share our experience and provide professional consultation to you.


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